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7 Questions About Life In Morocco That I Don’t Like

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Aren’t you scared?

But scared of what? Precise your question. Natural disasters, rapists, terrorists, thieves, darkness or what? Anything can happen anywhere in the world when you least expect it. You need to be careful, aware of possible problems, conscious, and wise anywhere you go. Nowadays being in tourist-invaded places isn’t the wisest thing you can do, doesn’t matter if it is Europe, America of Africa.

Where do you buy alcohol there?

I don’t buy it because I don’t drink it. It’s a very hard question many visitors ask me. I can’t be much of a help, but yes, Moroccans do produce alcohol! Wine and beer, however it is more expensive than in Poland or Czech, and a bit more difficult to find stores selling it.

Do they oblige women to cover up?

The difference between Saudi Arabia and Morocco is as big as the distance between these countries. It is not obligatory to cover up. You can wear whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable. Men catcalling girls on the streets are a different story (then yes, to feel peaceful you may need to cover more)… Ufff!

Lucky you, it is cheap, isn’t it?

That’s what I thought for the first months when I came here. It is not cheap, unless you are a tourist coming with GBP or USD because the currency rate is good in this case. When you live and earn here it is not as cheap as it may seem. Renting an apartment costs as much as in Warsaw. Imported goods (electronics, cosmetics, clothes, food) are more expensive than in Europe! (Note, I am talking about imported stuff here, not the local products). Regarding budget travel in Morocco, I wrote more about it in my Budget Hacks: Traveling in Morocco post.

Don’t you want to come back to Poland, don’t you miss your family?

What a question! Of course I do miss them crazily! For me there is not something called ‘coming back’. I’d say it is ‘continuing jouney’ as we can’t reverse time. I have to admit, sometimes Morocco makes me tired, but there will always be something wrong, no matter which country you go to. My perfect vision is to divide my life between Morocco, Poland, England, and travel to other countries from time to time. I have to wait for that some time though :)

But why Morocco, didn’t you find something closer (in Europe)?

I won’t answer the why Morocco question, you can find out the answer here. Regarding the second part of the question, of course there were possibilities too. If everybody jumps into fire it doesn’t mean I have to follow them blindly, right?

If you want to know how I got an English teaching job in Morocco, and how you can get one, check my article on my second blog, Bewildered Slavica.

Is it safe?

I am neither an expert nor a clairvoyant. All that I can see is that if Moroccan government continues the good job, it will remain safe.

If you’re an expat or a traveler, do you also have to answer such questions often? What are the most frequent ones?

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