What’s the purpose of the blog Bewildered in Morocco?

To help travelers discover the real Morocco, not only the touristy spots.
To help expats with paperwork, finding job, renting and and starting a new life in Morocco, providing them with essential info and tips.
To show Morocco from a foreigner’s perspective to Moroccans.

Many ask me why Morocco?

Because it’s a country of endless possibilities. It’s not a place for people who want an easy life – I love challenges so here I am.  Morocco provides you everything; opportunities, culture shocks and diversity.

Why “Bewildered”?

Morocco is such a  bewildering country.  It is a place where traditions clash with modernity,  luxury houses are built next to slums, a country where you can enjoy the sea, the ocean, mountains, forests and desert. I am bewitched and want to share my experiences, give opinions and help you to understand this country.

Who are my Readers?

 Expats living in Morocco. Moroccan expats living abroad. English-speaking Moroccan youth living in Morocco. Tourists. Backpackers. Journalists. Investors planning to open a company in Morocco. Digital Nomads. Business owners (hotels, Moroccan brands). Travel Bloggers from all over the world. Moroccan and Morocco-based Artists (photographers, painters, graphic designers, writers, designers).

Most of my Readers are aged 18-35 but there are quite a lot of 50+ too! The proportion is more or less even, around half of them are women and the other half are men.

Countries that my Readers are from (the highest number to the lowest):

  1. The United Kingdom
  2. France
  3. Poland
  4. Germany
  5. Holland

 Who am I personally?

Originally from Poland, since 2013 in Morocco. Wanderer since early childhood. Passionate about writing. Professionally, I hold a diploma from UCELTE UW (University Language for English Language Teacher Education). Got a strong background in teaching English, planning events (culture, travel, fashion show, dance workshops). I appreciate beautiful handmade items, love to surround myself with scents and unique things. Nature never stops mesmerizing me, I am in love with forests, lakes and sea. I love teaching, traveling, and writing. Click here to visit my second blog, Bewildered Slavica!
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Handful of information about amazing and mesmerizing, yet full of contradictions, country of Morocco.



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