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House Sitting Experience in Morocco by Anette From JustMorocco

House sitting, along with Couch Surfing or Pet Sitting, is one of the increasingly popular ways to travel without spending a fortune. Anette and Peter, that I have already introduced you to, are quite experienced house sitters (and they leave their house for others to house sit too). I asked them to share their thoughts […]

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What Is A Riad?

As found on Wikipedia, “A riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard.” To say a little bit more about the traditional riads, they used to be the houses of the wealthy Moroccans, hundreds years ago. So what is a riad? A riad is a very characteristic and unique […]

Swedish Globetrotting Couple And Their Home In An Oasis Near Guelmim

This post includes affiliate link(s). Read more in disclosure here.   I’ve e-met Anette on Facebook, such a common way to meet people in 21st century. Finally, after around a year we met in real, I got to know Anette and her husband, Peter. Both Swedish, she’s in her late fifties, he’s in his early […]

TOP6 – Moje Ulubione Miejsca W Maroku – Tego Nie Zobaczysz W Biurze Podróży

Post napisany w ramach projektu Każdy z nas ma swoje miejsca, do których chętnie wraca (lub z których niechętnie wyjeżdza:)). W Polsce jest to dla mnie Starówka warszawska, OSW Kormoran na Półwyspie helskim i Mazury. W Maroku też mam kilka takich miejsc. Dziś się z Wami podzielę moją top piątką! :) nie lada zadanie […]