Get Hired In Morocco - Guide To Finding Work Casablanca boulevard roudani by night maarif

Get Hired In Morocco – Guide To Finding Work

“Is it easy to find a job in Morocco?” – that’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get in your messages. You, my Readers, inspired me to write this article. I will explain you what’s easy and what’s not easy about getting a job in Morocco as a foreigner. YES, IT’S EASY TO GET […]

What Are The Typical Moroccan Dishes? – Guide To Moroccan Food

  Tajine. First word that foreigners grasp in Morocco. Ok, but what actually this tajine is?? There are as many tajines as regions in Morocco. Beef with dried plums, lamb with apricot, chicken with lemon, chicken with vegetables, minced beef and egg, eggs with tomatoes… And more! Cuisine of Morocco is highly diversified. Moroccan coast […]

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4 Interesting Things To Do In Casablanca In One Day!

  Discover Casablanca with a local, in just one day! The longer I live in Casablanca the more I love it. My friends from other cities ask me how is it possible to like it? Well, it is! I enjoy the simple things this city offers, appreciate its hidden (not very obvious at the first […]

Is Morocco Safe For Women?

  I receive tens of questions about safety in Morocco as a solo female traveler. You ask me how to behave, how to dress when you’re on a solo trip, what to pay attention to… If you’re an experienced travelette, you know how to adjust to certain cultures not to attract too much unwanted attention […]

The Best Time To Come To Morocco For Surfing, Swimming, Trekking

Many of you ask me in your emails when to come to Morocco. It’s a very general question. Why? Because it depends what is the purpose of your travel! To make it easy to understand I divided this article into sections depending on what you want to do in Morocco. For beach: May to September […]

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Where To Go And What To See In Dakhla?

With every single trip, the list of my favorite Moroccan spots gets longer… While in Dakhla Peninsula, I found several spots of that took my breath away and made me forget everything. Dakhla is a unique place as the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic meet the white dunes of the Sahara… Where you can see wild […]

Travelling In Morocco On A Budget

 This post includes affiliate link(s). Read more about it in the disclosure here.   Camping +/- 20 km away from Dades Valley in atlas mountains There are usually 3 obstacles that prevent us from travelling: TIME, MONEY, FEAR. I can’t give you a solution for your chronic lack of time. I can help you to get rid […]

How To Obtain Residency Permit In Casablanca?

  The first and the most essential piece of information that I have to give you is that the procedure of obtaining residency permit (carte du sejour) is not the same for the whole Morocco. I’ve heard from my friends that they were asked to bring 10 photos is Agadir; 6 in Marrakesh; and I […]

How To Start Business In Morocco? – Guide To Opening A Company + PDF!

Last update: 04.04.2017 They say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” this rule is 100% applicable in the topic of company creation and administration work! I’ve been meaning to open a company for quite a while. I was somehow scared and my common sense kept on telling me to postpone the process. Finally, an […]

Hello Darija! Lesson #2 – Bargaining

Series of short lessons in collaboration with HelloDarija. How it works? I provide you with conjugation of one verb, several words and phrases in a certain topic. One lesson = one topic. Next, you go to to practice your newly acquired vocabulary and learn how to use them in conversations. Everything for free. Good luck! CONJUGATION: ‘WANT’ […]

Natural Moroccan Beauty Products

 Morocco is a very diversified country. You can experience unbearable heat and freezing cold, meet people of different origins and religions, see mountains, swim in the sea or ocean. Morocco’s geographic variety gives an opportunity to try amazing, natural foods and cosmetic products. There are some absolute must-haves that you have to buy once you […]

5, 20, 100 Dirham Shopping In Morocco

Many of you ask me how expensive the food is in Morocco, travel tickets or clothes. Here is a quick reply and some simple examples of what you can buy with certain amount of dirhams:) What can you buy in Morocco for: 5 dhs (40 euro cents) • 2 kilos of oranges for juice • bus […]


  Many people ask me about traveling by public transportation in Morocco during holidays. Are trains frequent? Are they fast? Are there many delays? Etc. I decided to write this brief, quick note about Moroccan trains. I will surprise you, traveling in Morocco during holidays is quite pleasant. FREQUENCY Trains go quite often. You’ll not […]

Moroccan Hammam (Spa) Step By Step

One thing to do in Morocco once you come here? Visit hammam and have a gommage (scrub) done! It is a culturally rich experience that will probably get an European out of their comfort zone. I went there alone for the first time, at first I felt a bit awkward because I had no idea […]

What Are The Traditional Moroccan Drinks?

from left: mango-strawberry, panache, exotic, strawberry There are certain drinks that you have to taste once in Morocco! Everybody can find something for themselves: from variations of milk to minty or fruity drinks. Check out my guide and don’t miss any of them! I wasn’t aware of such a big choice of Moroccan drinks , […]


Taking a taxi in Africa and Middle East by an European may be a #CultureShock;) I’ve heard stories about wild taxi drivers in Ivory Coast. In Turkey I’ve seen drivers like from Tokyo Drift and in Egypt I was amazed that 6 people can ride a tiny motorbike. I do my best to travel within […]


Guidebooks are among my favorite types of books. They give you insight into the local culture, habits, traditions, language, do’s and don’ts. However, they rarely provide you with details on how to handle things, how to interact with the locals, where to eat etc. Here is my subjective guide to Morocco. Tip #1 The dirtier […]

What To Buy As A Souvenir From Morocco?

  Morocco is a paradise for the senses. Sounds attacking you from all sides, noise and powerful beats of chaabi music, omnipresent honking and people cursing at each other in traffic jams, extremely sweet desserts and spicy tajine, delicious, oriental perfume and the smell of freshly picked oranges and olives immersed in hot harissa sauce, colorful clothes and dirty, shabby buildings. […]