Common Travel Mistakes – How NOT To Visit Morocco

This is a subjective guide for those who want to know real Morocco. If you’re a born traveler- you know what I’m talking about. All-inclusive holidays is the biggest misunderstanding for me – the easiest way to see the counterfeit country (faked for tourists;) ). Read about the most common travel mistakes and enjoy your Moroccan journey!

Common mistake #1: Being a tourist, not a traveler

Booking all-inclusive holidays and hitting the most touristy spots is the most horrifying waste of money and time I can think of. It is cool to go to famous places but it isn’t cool when you focus only on most tourist-visited cities. Morocco has so much more to offer than Marrakech and Agadir. The stunning berber villages, non-touristy cities, coast, untouched nature, dirty snacks with local food, artists of any kind, crazy taxis in Casablanca, mountains and breathtaking sky out there…

“why to sleep in a five-star hotel when you can sleep under a thousand-star sky?” 


Photo credit: Anass Errihani
Ait Ouglif

Common mistake #2: Labeling 

That’s a very common mistake around the world. Every nation has a label. Wrong. Forget the media brainwashing and come without assumptions and prejudices. You’ll indulge in Moroccan culture, have a new experience and come back home with your OWN idea and observations about this country.



Common mistake #3: Unreal expectations

Every country (region, city, even district) is different. Some people are not aware of the differences and come to another country expecting that everything will be the same as back home. Travel with your mind wide open, be eager to learn, taste, see, discover something new.

Common mistake #4: Over-abundance of etiquette

Savoir-vivre is a fantasy of the West. In Morocco it doesn’t really exist. In Europe they use forks, here they use hands. Etiquette is not important. Sometimes it is a blessing (eating from one plate with your family, sharing, being spontaneous and very hospitable), sometimes it is a nightmare (throwing rubbish on the streets, spitting, harassing).

Avoid above and you’ll see real Morocco.
PS. It applies to all countries, not only Morocco!

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