Houzia Beach in El Jadida

4 Best Beaches In Casablanca And Surroundings (Up To 100 Km Away)

El Hoceima, Dakhla, Essaouira… Everyone knows these places and they become the dream destination of many surfers and travelers from all around the world. Not many people visit Casablanca as it’s not a very touristy city. I haven’t seen much info on the Internet regarding the beaches around Casa, and I also receive many emails […]

My Favorite Cities In Morocco

CITY: Ait Ouglif WHY: It is a very peaceful Amazigh village in the mountains. Its location is almost perfect: 17 km to civilization (Boumalene) and around 70 km to a bigger city, Kelaat M’gouna. Ait Ouglif itself is hidden in the mountains, among trees, nature and water. ┬áThere is a little river and all fruits […]


Photo report from the trip to el Jadida and Sidi Bouzid. I personally liked Jadida more, it is a calm (comparing to Casa!) and quite nice city. The down town is really beautiful! Sidi Bouzid is a more a holiday resort with lots of modern villas and little houses. Check out! I am a window […]