Trip to the desert – how to prepare, what to pack?

Lots of people ask me: “What to pack to the Sahara trip? How should I prepare?” So here it is, the list of the most useful items and a couple of tips before your excursion! My list is based on my numerous experiences of travelling to Merzouga, to the average, non luxury camps. Regardless the […]

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1 Week itinerary | the south of Morocco | incl Sahara desert camel trek & camp

Salam everybody! I receive a huge number of emails from my Readers, regarding itineraries for Morocco. To make our lives easier, I decided to start the series in which I will present you my subjectively perfect itineraries for Morocco! In this post I will present you my itinerary for the south of Morocco, including the […]

Discover The South Of Morocco With Al Jazeera | The Traveller #4

Do you guys remember the videos about Morocco I shared with you in the past weeks? Unfortunately today it is the last time I will share the Al Mosafer episode with you. It is the last video about Morocco, and probably my favorite one. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and the blog, you […]

Rabat & Casablanca At Their Best With Al Jazeera | The Traveller #1

Morocco has been inspiration for many artists all over the world – lots of photographers and filmmakers came to visit this mysterious country. No wonder why, right? The Moroccan architecture is splendid, food is amazing, and the landscapes are so various, that everyone will find something interesting here. Every year more people find inspiration in […]

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Original Gift Ideas For People Who Love Morocco

Books & Arabic Courses Online Darija (the Moroccan dialect) is not the most spoken language in the world so it’s not that easy too find books or schools teaching it – especially if you don’t live in Morocco. Luckily, Amazon is full of such books and you can get them here! You can also buy […]

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House Sitting Experience in Morocco by Anette From JustMorocco

House sitting, along with Couch Surfing or Pet Sitting, is one of the increasingly popular ways to travel without spending a fortune. Anette and Peter, that I have already introduced you to, are quite experienced house sitters (and they leave their house for others to house sit too). I asked them to share their thoughts […]

5 Surreal (And Untapped!) Spots For Photos In Morocco

I am not a fan of crowded, tourist-invaded places, are you? I always try to explore the beautiful beaches, islands, rooftops. I also do my best to promote the local culture, attractions, hidden gems of the country, forgotten places. Far from touristy attractions and noisy spots. Many of my Readers have asked me where do […]

Patio at my Swedish friends' place, Oasis of Tighmert, Sahara

7 Splendid Moroccan Interiors With a Modern Touch

I am a massive fan of Moroccan architecture, are you? In this blog I’d like to show you the most beautiful houses, guest houses and terraces in Morocco I have been to. Most of them are a fusion of Moroccan tradition with a European touch – designed by European expats who wanted to mix influences […]

7 Photos That Will Change Your Idea About Sahara

So this is what we all think it is… …And this is what Sahara is for real: © Bewildered in Morocco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published without permission, rewritten or redistributed

Dakhla Attitude Beach Club – A Surf Oasis in the Middle of Sahara

When I came back from Dakhla Attitude friends asked me if it is worth visiting. I just sent them some photos… The beach club has probably the most peaceful location in the region. Located 30 km from the airport of Dakhla, it is a perfect getaway far, far from crowded resorts and big cities. In […]

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Where To Go And What To See In Dakhla?

With every single trip, the list of my favorite Moroccan spots gets longer… While in Dakhla Peninsula, I found several spots of that took my breath away and made me forget everything. Dakhla is a unique place as the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic meet the white dunes of the Sahara… Where you can see wild […]

Guelmim (The Gate To Sahara) And Its Simple Life

Gulmim is called ‘The door to Sahara‘. Back in 2000 it was a simple village without roads. It’s changing ridiculously fast and soon it’ll become a tourist resort. Airport is in progress. I really like the city because it makes me feel like I am somewhere in virgin lands of Africa. Fruits are more aromatic, […]

Swedish Globetrotting Couple And Their Home In An Oasis Near Guelmim

This post includes affiliate link(s). Read more in disclosure here.   I’ve e-met Anette on Facebook, such a common way to meet people in 21st century. Finally, after around a year we met in real, I got to know Anette and her husband, Peter. Both Swedish, she’s in her late fifties, he’s in his early […]

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Nomads Of Morocco – An Insight Into Their Way Of Living

Those nomads: don’t write, don’t have toilets, bring water from a source that is kilometres away, marry the one that their parents chose for them, they don’t go to any schools, they live in tents and they are the simplest, kindest and most honest people you can meet. Kindness, simplicity and respect for other lives, […]

Road Trip To Merzouga Via Dades And Todgha Valley

Photos from the Southern Escape vol#1 organized by Bewildered in Morocco and Sun Dunes Marrakech-Dades-Toudgha-Sahara on the way to admire the sunset in the dunes               the view of surroundings of Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou   Sweet Berber lady who invited me to see her home :)   evening […]