Houzia Beach in El Jadida

4 Best Beaches In Casablanca And Surroundings (Up To 100 Km Away)

El Hoceima, Dakhla, Essaouira… Everyone knows these places and they become the dream destination of many surfers and travelers from all around the world. Not many people visit Casablanca as it’s not a very touristy city. I haven’t seen much info on the Internet regarding the beaches around Casa, and I also receive many emails […]

Tamaris Beach, Grand Casablanca

Tamaris, Peaceful Getaway Near Casablanca

Tamaris is a peaceful getaway around 30 km away from crowded Casablanca. It has been developing ridiculously over the past years and now Casaouis buy summer houses there. Many people decide to give up their big city life and move to Tamaris, Dar Bouazza. It is a perfect place for travellers, backpackers and digital nomads. […]

5 Surreal (And Untapped!) Spots For Photos In Morocco

I am not a fan of crowded, tourist-invaded places, are you? I always try to explore the beautiful beaches, islands, rooftops. I also do my best to promote the local culture, attractions, hidden gems of the country, forgotten places. Far from touristy attractions and noisy spots. Many of my Readers have asked me where do […]