What 2 Years In Morocco Have Taught Me – Why You Should Travel

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Today, September 4th, 2015 is exactly 2nd anniversary since I’ve invaded Morocco :D

What have I learnt during this time?

  1. I have learnt to ask. To remind. To fight for what is mine, because nobody will ever do it for you (thank you ladies from the clinic, thank you doctors, thank you muqatta*, thank you ladies in the bank)
  2. I have learnt that there is always a solution. For any problem! A thing that is impossible to fix does not exist in Morocco (thank you taxi drivers, my accountant, sellers and waiters, office workers, police, myself)
  3. I have learnt to keep distance. Distance is an essential thing in Morocco, especially when it comes to relation men-women (thank you guys on the streets, thank you for following me, for harassing me on a bus, for sending me annoying messages on FB, for stopping your car and blocking my way)
  4. I have learnt that ‘time‘ has a different meaning for every person. Patience is gold.
  5. I have learnt to appreciate things. Every trip to Poland is a moment I cherish. And Mom, I miss you so much.
  6. I have discovered many beautiful places
  7. I have met many amazing and inspiring people

Life is a constant lesson.

Thank you Morocco for making sure my education does not end with obtaining my BA in language methodology or with my age.

I never knew myself until I’ve moved to Morocco. Do I need MA degree to gain knowledge? For me travel, getting out of my comfort zone and doing new things is the best education.

*muqatta is an office where you can legalize your papers, signature etc.

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