July 4


The best co-working spaces in Morocco

By Bewildered in Morocco

July 4, 2022

I’ve spent quite a while to research and find the best co-working places in Morocco. After a couple of days of browsing the Internet I decided to choose 5 which attracted me the most. There’re lots of co-working spaces in Morocco but these are the ones I found extremely amazing!

Le 133 co-working in Casablanca

This beautiful, modern co-working space is located in the heart of Casablanca. Close to the city centre, local bars and public transport. A great co-working space with plenty of places, private offices and cafeteria.

co working space morocco marrakech casablanca best
Photo: 133

Kowork co-working in Casablanca

Kowork offices are located in 5 strategic places in Casablanca. There’re lots of places to choose from: virtual offices, relax spots, meeting rooms and more. Well-organized place with parking places for people who like modern offices.

co-working space kowork morocco casablanca
Photo: Kowork

Sun Desk coworking in Taghazout

Sun Desk is one of the very first coworking spaces in Morocco. And one of the most vibrant ones too! You can book a shared or private room and breakfast along with the office space. And the views from the offices… Ah!

sun desk cowork morocco coworking taghazout
Photo: Sun Desk

Dar Digital Nomad coworking & coliving in Ouarzazate

Dar Digital Nomad is a cameral and stylish coworking space in the beautiful city of Ouarzazate. It’s cozy and had a traditional, Moroccan touch. If you want to experience the essence of Morocco and have a peaceful place to work – that’ the coworking to be!

digital nomad ouarzazate dar house coliving coworking space morocco
Photo: Dar Digital Nomad

Commons coworking in Rabat & Casablanca

Commons’ coworking spaces can be found in Casablanca and Rabat. Located in strategic places, make Commons very attractive. Modern, stylish and beautiful design. Lots of spaces and great views!

commons coworking space rabat
Photo: Commons

Which co-working space did you like the most? Do you know other places worth visiting in Morocco? Let us know in comments!

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