June 13


Day trips from Marrakech

By Bewildered in Morocco

June 13, 2018

souk itoun oliwki marokanskie polka marakesz marrakech mint mynta menthe nana na3na3 atay tea the herbata berber whiskey
Mint and herbs seller in the medina of Marrakech

The Red city of Marrakech is the perfect place to start most of your smaller trips around Morocco.

You have to know one thing though, as it is the most touristy city in the entire Kingdom, the prices of some things (souvenirs, clothes) can be a lot more expensive. I always do the shopping in other cities like Casablanca (because I am a local there), Essaouira or Taroudant.

You can also read the article about being a local in Marrakech.

Medina after the sunset. View from Riad Altair.

Waterfalls and the ocean

When I want to travel to the more southern parts of Morocco, I usually take Marrakech as my base as then continue further. This time, during our Ramadan trip we visited Essaouira, Ouzoud and obviously Sahara desert.

If you book your hotels, hostels or riads in Marrakech, you’ll spend all day out and come back to the Red City in the evening. I think this is the best option, because Marrakech is very hot during the day, and after sunset it starts to live!

I personally love the thrill of travelling to the waterfalls or the ocean during the day and the noisy nights in Marrakech when I come back after the trip.

Below you can see some pics from Ouzoud and Essaouira:

Sunset in Essaouira
Fresh orange juice in Ouzoud azilal
Fresh orange juice in Ouzoud
Goats on trees on our way to Essaouira
Goats on trees on our way to Essaouira

The distance between Marrakech and Essaouira or Ouzoud is more or less the same, around 180 km. The road to Ouzoud is quite bumpy, through mountains and green fields. If you suffer from serious motion sickness, you may need a medicine;)

The way to Essaouira is through a highway, quite quick and simple.

Sahara is too far away from Marrakech to be visited in one day, so the trips to Merzouga are usually split into 2 nights. You can read more about the desert, camel trek and the mountains here.

If you want to book your Essaouira, Sahara or Ouzoud trip – let me know: info@bewilderedinmorocco.com.

Where to stay in Marrakech?

Our lovely, neat and bright room

Looking for a great place for your Moroccan holiday? Look no further.

Riad Altaïr is a small riad in the Marrakchi medina, just a short walk from the famous Mohamed V avenue. It is a great option for those who don’t like the noise of the old town, but want to stay in the old town of the Red City.

Riad Altaïr is an old, Moroccan house with modern, tasteful touch. The colours of the riad are greyish, cream and white, what makes the place look bright, cosy and inviting. That’s the place where we stayed during our trip to Marrakech and totally loved the location and the place itself.

Time for dinner
The key to our wonderful room

Check out this lovely riad on Instagram and Facebook. Adrien, who is in charge of the social channels, posts beautiful photos of this beautiful place. I’m sure you’ll wish to book your stay asap!


The patio.

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