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Give your house Moroccan touch – bunch of inspirations

So you wish to give your interior a Moroccan touch? I know some ways to do so! Anette, a Swedish friend of mine who lives in Morocco is an amazing interior designer. Together with her husband, Peter, they created and decorated many old houses in Morocco. Anette also helps people who don’t live in Morocco […]

Day trips from Marrakech

The Red city of Marrakech is the perfect place to start most of your smaller trips around Morocco. You have to know one thing though, as it is the most touristy city in the entire Kingdom, the prices of some things (souvenirs, clothes) can be a lot more expensive. I always do the shopping in […]

The life changing day in Taroudant

If you are a loyal Reader of Bewildered in Morocco or Bewildered Slavica, I am sure you noticed that I love sharing the stories of the most inspiring people I meet in my life. Thanks to my blogs I am lucky enough to have the chance to visit amazing places and get to know wonderful […]

He Gave Up The Business Idea And Created A Cultural Place | Le Jardin Secret

Today I’d like to tell you about a place that has been turned from literally RUINS of an ancient riad to this stunning garden showcasing various plants from all over the globe and the splendid architecture. When Lauro, the pioneer and creator of this wonderful spot, showed me the photos of Le Jardin Secret before […]

Painted door at Oudayas' Orange juice seller asbah

What To See In Rabat?

When people ask me what to see in Rabat, I am having a hard time answering. I don’t spend much time in this city, even though I have many good friends there. Even though I am not a Rbati insider, I managed to come up with this list of my favorite spots in the capital […]

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The Best Of The North With Al Jazeera | The Traveller #2

Do you guys remember the splendid video of Rabat & Casablanca I shared with you last week? Here comes the second part! For those of you who are not familiar with Al Mosafer (“The Traveller”) project yet, it’s a new program launched by Al Jazeera Arabic: The first episode of “The Traveller” starts in the north west […]

Rabat & Casablanca At Their Best With Al Jazeera | The Traveller #1

Morocco has been inspiration for many artists all over the world – lots of photographers and filmmakers came to visit this mysterious country. No wonder why, right? The Moroccan architecture is splendid, food is amazing, and the landscapes are so various, that everyone will find something interesting here. Every year more people find inspiration in […]

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House Sitting Experience in Morocco by Anette From JustMorocco

House sitting, along with Couch Surfing or Pet Sitting, is one of the increasingly popular ways to travel without spending a fortune. Anette and Peter, that I have already introduced you to, are quite experienced house sitters (and they leave their house for others to house sit too). I asked them to share their thoughts […]

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Magical Photos of Life in Morocco

It became some kind of a tradition that in December I share with you the most stunning photos of Morocco of the past year. You can see the photos from 2015 here, and today I’d like to share with you more stunning shots taken by my dear friends, Moroccan photographers, in 2016. Each one of […]

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Palais De L’Ô Near Marrakech – Peaceful Getaway From The City

(click on the miniature to see the photos in HD) Twelve kilometres from Marrakech, hidden between green trees and colorful flowers. At the end of a bumpy, village road, behind a massive wall. Palais de l’Ô is a complex of villas and suites scattered in the fragrant gardens in a peaceful village of Douar Ouled Jallal, 12 […]

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Villa De L’Ô In Essaouira – Luxury Retreat With An Ocean View

Villa de l’Ô is a traditional Moroccan riad turned into a cosy guest house. Its owners have given it a modern and very stylish touch. Each room has its own theme and is decorated with attention to every single detail. All rooms in the Villa have an “O” in the name – that well explains […]

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What Is A Riad?

As found on Wikipedia, “A riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard.” To say a little bit more about the traditional riads, they used to be the houses of the wealthy Moroccans, hundreds years ago. So what is a riad? A riad is a very characteristic and unique […]

Patio at my Swedish friends' place, Oasis of Tighmert, Sahara

7 Splendid Moroccan Interiors With a Modern Touch

I am a massive fan of Moroccan architecture, are you? In this blog I’d like to show you the most beautiful houses, guest houses and terraces in Morocco I have been to. Most of them are a fusion of Moroccan tradition with a European touch – designed by European expats who wanted to mix influences […]

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Riad Dar Souran in Tanger- A Luxurious Home Turned Into a Guesthouse

The last day of 2015, around 3PM. We finally manage to skip the rbati traffic jam and get on the highway to the green and beautiful city of Tangier. The pinkish sunset is gorgeous, we stop every now and then to capture those magical moments before they are gone. We reach Tangier and start looking for […]

Swedish Globetrotting Couple And Their Home In An Oasis Near Guelmim

This post includes affiliate link(s). Read more in disclosure here.   I’ve e-met Anette on Facebook, such a common way to meet people in 21st century. Finally, after around a year we met in real, I got to know Anette and her husband, Peter. Both Swedish, she’s in her late fifties, he’s in his early […]

Hotel Sherazade – Peaceful Land in The Heart Of Marrakech

Marrakesh. Jama el Fnaa. The main square. Monkeys. Veiled henna artists. Lamp sellers. Snake charmers. Mouthwatering nougat. Countless stands offering dinners. Even more offering orange juice. High walls of the old city. A tiny alley leading to the heart of medina. 2 minute walk among little shops and we are there. Sherazade. An old, Moroccan […]

Interior Of Dar Khalifa (Caliph’s House) In Casablanca

We arrive to Dar Khalifa a bit late. It’s a challenge to reach the house even for the second time. First time Tahir picked us up from the road. We were too busy chatting to remember the way. No address. We pass by Harley Davidson, luxury villas and the slums. People in Bidonville are sweet, […]

Riad Zahra In Essaouira – Idyllic Place To Relax

Located 2min walk from a beautiful, clean beach Riad Zahra makes a perfect getaway for those who are fed up with big city life and all they want to do is to relax. The hotel is fairly new, yet cosy and with a good ambience. The beach in Essaouira is undoubtedly one of the cleanest […]