October 22



By Bewildered in Morocco

October 22, 2014

If you’re an expat living in Morocco for some time, a traveler who loves to absorb different cultures or simply a lover of Morocco and a good observer you undoubtedly can say what are ‘typical Moroccan things’ :)

Having spent over a year in Morocco (a country that I truly love) I found myself doing many things as Moroccans do:P I am sure that I am not the only one. Check out if you do at least one of my list:

1. You no more say a simple ‘hi’. You ask and are asked numerous questions: kolshi mziane? bekher? labass? hamdulillah!

2. You gave up on being pissed off when they are late. You come a little bit later instead ;)

3. Your rhythm has changed. You no longer eat the last meal at 6 PM but at 10 or 11 PM! (Bad habit and it comes into your life quite fast)

4. Sharing is caring. You no more ask for ‘your’ cup. You drink water from one cup with friends and even strangers. In many Moroccan bars and snacks you will find a bottle of water and 2 cups- for everyone to use.

5. At least once a day you say ‘inshallah‘ instead of “I hope”, “maybe” or “I don’t want to say NO and I am scared so I say >inshallah<” :P

6. If you are a woman, you stop noticing men on the street. You don’t hear their naughty comments and munching. At first you want to punch them in their face, then you just ignore.

7. If you are a woman: you are too lazy to dress up when going downstairs to buy bread. You simply wear leggins, babouche and djellaba. Your home outfit is often a djellaba too.

8. You are no longer shy to negotiate prices. You start off with half price offered by the seller.

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