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Rooftop of Sacre Coeur cathedral in Casablanca

Casablanca can be loved only when known inside out. Let me help you! I lived in Casablanca for 3 years and discovered the hidden gems of this crowded city.

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Night walk at Jamaa el Fnaa in Marrakech

Noisy yet mystical – the main square of The Red City can be either charming or overwhelming. One thing is for sure: once you land in Morocco, you simply have to visit Marrakech and go to Jamaa el fnaa at night.

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Marrakech. Photo credit: Chris Griffiths

Walk in the garden of Dar al Hossoun

A very beautiful and peaceful oasis in the south of Morocco. Dar al Hossoun, lovely getaway created in the city of Taroudant.

See White Dunes in Dakhla

A place where the white sand o the desert meets the blue water of the lagoon. Dakhla is the capital of oysters and wind, loved by surfers from all over the world!

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