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Nomads Of Morocco – An Insight Into Their Way Of Living

Those nomads: don’t write, don’t have toilets, bring water from a source that is kilometres away, marry the one that their parents chose for them, they don’t go to any schools, they live in tents and they are the simplest, kindest and most honest people you can meet. Kindness, simplicity and respect for other lives, […]

Moroccan Instagrammers That You Have To Follow

Here’s a list of my personal favorite Insta account related to Morocco: @instamorocco A bunch of photos and inspiring facts about Morocco. InstaMorocco also re-posts photos of instagramers so you can discover other inspiring profiles. Sharing is caring. @ali_berrada Moroccan traveler and photographer. His photos make me want to travel Morocco more than I am […]

What You Should Know About Moroccan Weddings

Moroccan weddings are so different than Polish ones (Or I should say African/ Arabic weddings are different than European ones) If you’re invited to a Moroccan wedding you should some some things not to feel awkward during it:) I wrote a bigger article with more photos and details about the wedding. Check it here. NO […]

Natural Moroccan Beauty Products

 Morocco is a very diversified country. You can experience unbearable heat and freezing cold, meet people of different origins and religions, see mountains, swim in the sea or ocean. Morocco’s geographic variety gives an opportunity to try amazing, natural foods and cosmetic products. There are some absolute must-haves that you have to buy once you […]

Living In Morocco – Living Diversity

Morocco is the realest melting pot! A unique fusion of different religions, nations, races, languages, flavors, geographical features and much more. Each day spent here is a new discovery for me, each time I travel somewhere in Morocco I am more and more amazed: how can a country be so diversified?! It can. It’s Morocco […]


If you’re an expat living in Morocco for some time, a traveler who loves to absorb different cultures or simply a lover of Morocco and a good observer you undoubtedly can say what are ‘typical Moroccan things’ :) Having spent over a year in Morocco (a country that I truly love) I found myself doing […]


photo of Hassan II Mosque taken by Youssef Amaaou I was told that Ramadan is a magical period when everything changes; the busiest streets in the town are empty, the nastiest men become humble and the noisiest grandmas close their mouth. That’s absolutely true. I was also told that travelling during Ramadan is useless. That’s […]


photo in the background: Youssef Amaaou Many tourists wonder what Ramadan is and why Muslims celebrate it? Here is a brief explanation of the reason and purpose of the holy month of Ramadan:) I’ll also give you some tips on what to do and what to avoid during this very special period of time. WHAT […]