3 Unique places to visit in Marrakech

Looking for something unusual and not so touristy in Marrakech? Check out these 3 gems of the Red City! Unique, amazing places to visit and support local community. Must visit places in Marrakech. Ayaso concept store An amaing place to be. Ayaso is a concept store that sells bio products from local farmers. They also […]

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Check visa requirements for Morocco 2022

Wondering what are visa requirements for Morocco in 2022? Sometimes waiting gets you bored, right, I get it. I’ve been there, done that! Waiting for my residency permit in Morocco too me 7 months so I know the pain of waiting and being uncertain. If you’re wondering how to check your visa requirements to travel […]

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The best co-working spaces in Morocco

I’ve spent quite a while to research and find the best co-working places in Morocco. After a couple of days of browsing the Internet I decided to choose 5 which attracted me the most. There’re lots of co-working spaces in Morocco but these are the ones I found extremely amazing! Le 133 co-working in Casablanca […]

The best hotels & riads in Marrakesh

Lots of my readers ask me about riads in The Red City that I could recommend. There are thousands of riads in the medina and I visited only maybe something above 50. I Have a couple of places I loved and I like to book again. Here is the list from very cheap ones to […]

What to see in Morocco in 2022

Rooftop of Sacre Coeur cathedral in Casablanca Casablanca can be loved only when known inside out. Let me help you! I lived in Casablanca for 3 years and discovered the hidden gems of this crowded city. Read more: What to do in Casablanca in one day Hidden gems of Casablanca Habous, open air market Where […]

How To Obtain Residency Permit In Casablanca?

  The first and the most essential piece of information that I have to give you is that the procedure of obtaining residency permit (carte du sejour) is not the same for the whole Morocco. I’ve heard from my friends that they were asked to bring 10 photos is Agadir; 6 in Marrakesh; and I […]

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

sponsored post The Kingdom of Morocco is located on the top western corner of Africa. It is ruled by King Mohammed VI of the Alaouite dynasty. Morocco has a rich history of collaboration with new countries like America, and old countries like France. Morocco is best known by non-Africans for the movie Casablanca (1942), named […]

How To Start Business In Morocco? – Guide To Opening A Company + PDF!

They say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” this rule is 100% applicable in the topic of company creation and administration work! I’ve been meaning to open a company for quite a while. I was somehow scared and my common sense kept on telling me to postpone the process. Finally, an opportunity popped up […]

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How To Rent Flat Or House In Morocco | Where To Search + Legal Aspects

Renting houses and flats in Morocco is different than renting in, for instance, Ireland or Sweden. Here, in Morocco, no references from previous landlords are required. It makes life way easier! The house hunt is a bit different too, and foreigners are usually not aware of that. I’ll share with you my flat hunt experience […]

Is It Hard To Run Business In Morocco? | Testimonials Of 5 Entrepreneurs

Opening one’s own business is every entrepreneur’s dream. Some people don’t realize how much work and stress it costs (like me, for example, and I am sure that many of you too). Opening a business in Morocco, from my perspective, was a bumpy road. If you follow my adventures, you know what I am talking […]

How to File Expat Taxes for Americans in Morocco

Morocco is known all over the world for its spectacular landscapes, wild beaches, rich culture, and most importantly, safety and stability. That’s why it has become one of the top destinations in Africa for expatriates from the United States and the European Union. Many American expats in Morocco have even applied for residency or even […]

How To Get An English Teaching Job In Morocco?

Right after my graduation in 2013 I decided to leave Poland and explore the world. Being a rebel (as my family and friends say), I didn’t want to follow the mainstream and obtain my MA. My BA in language teaching was pretty enough for me. I applied for an internship with AIESEC and at first […]

The best novels about Morocco

Looking for amazing books about Morocco? I’ve got some great novels to recommend! Novel about Morocco #1 – The assembly of the dead The assembly of the dead is an amazing book by Saeida Rouass. It’ll take you to the tiny alleys of Marrakech. Saeida perfectly knows how to keep the reader engaged and longing […]

5 of the best surfing spots in Morroco

5 of the best surfing spots in Morroco by Ethan White An incredibly beautiful, culturally rich and unique destination, Morocco is a top choice of holiday location for thousands of us every year. But for those who prefer to spend their time on the waves instead of sunning themselves on the beach, knowing the best […]

The best nightlife activities in Morocco

The Best Nightlife Activities in Morocco by Eldrid Yarte For many people, Morocco is the gateway to Africa, and it’s a fantastic introduction to this spellbinding continent. The dizzying heights of the Atlas Mountains, ancient cities packed with Moorish architecture and bustling souks, and the kindness and warmth of local hospitality are just a few of […]

4 secret destinations in Morocco

4 secret destinations in Morocco by Ethan White From caramel-coloured sand between your toes to captivating towns painted every shade of blue, from ancient Portuguese cities with Atlantic Ocean views to saltwater lagoons and famed oyster farms: Morocco has an ever-changing landscape and a plethora of hidden spots waiting to be discovered. Here are four […]

4 travelsome things to do in Casablanca in 24h

Discover Casablanca with a local, in just one day! The longer I live in Casablanca the more I love it. My friends from other cities ask me how is it possible to like it? Well, it is! I enjoy the simple things this city offers, appreciate its hidden (not very obvious at the first sight) […]

Pleasant Way to Learn Darija – Moroccan Arabic for foreigners

Guess what is the most popular result in my Google Analytics account? Right after finding out what is the best Moroccan food recipe, learning how to open a business in Morocco, or hoping to find a “big Moroccan ass” on my blog, people want to learn Darija! What’s more interesting, most of people who intend […]

Give your house Moroccan touch – bunch of inspirations

So you wish to give your interior a Moroccan touch? I know some ways to do so! Anette, a Swedish friend of mine who lives in Morocco is an amazing interior designer. Together with her husband, Peter, they created and decorated many old houses in Morocco. Anette also helps people who don’t live in Morocco […]

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North Africa and Middle East holidays

Morocco is such a diversified country! You can enjoy the sandy beaches, high mountains, desert and forests at the same time. I have always encouraged my friends, readers and Sahara clients to visit as many places as they can. People usually travel to Morocco for a week, but let me assure you: one week is […]