May 4



By Bewildered in Morocco

May 4, 2014

Photo report from the trip to el Jadida and Sidi Bouzid.
I personally liked Jadida more, it is a calm (comparing to Casa!) and quite nice city. The down town is really beautiful!
Sidi Bouzid is a more a holiday resort with lots of modern villas and little houses.
Check out!
I am a window and door maniac:P everywhere I go I take photos of  beautiful and original doors and windows


the city outside the post-Portugese walls





Reflection time


Fresh veggies and fruits everywhere. That’s what I love about Morocco!


the beach in Sidi Bouzid. The sand is nice, the beach is clean and supervised, only the toilets suck.



The most stinky place for the lunch: the Marsa (Marina) in el jadida! Many kinds of sea food to choose from: from the most disgusting to edible normal ones…


…delicious octopus


…and THIS. Whatever it is:P its teeth were still sharp and scary. But hey, it tasted like a chicken chewing gum:D



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