August 22


#GHANKA7LOUHA The Sound Of Living By Tarik Raiss – 3200km Solo On A Longboard

By Bewildered in Morocco

August 22, 2016

Today I’d like to share with you a story of another inspiring person who wasn’t scared to chase his dreams.

Tarik Raiss

Tarik Raiss is a twenty-something Moroccan guy who decided to give up the routine of his daily life and discover the unknown. He had a good position in one of the big Moroccan companies, yet he wasn’t satisfied with a 9-to-5 job. He didn’t want to follow the ready schema and lock his creativity in the walls of the company he worked for.

One day he took the decision: to quit his job and ride his longboard throughout Morocco. 3200 km. Alone.

Tarik is now a freelance graphic designer and he works remotely.

Tarik and his tent somewhere in Dakhla
Morning view from his tent
Tarik and his tent somewhere in Dakhla Tarik Raiss The Sound Of Living
Tarik and his tent somewhere in Dakhla

Tarik Raiss The Sound Of Living
On his longboard somewhere near Tarfaya

You can read the entire story written by Tarik by clicking HERE. Tarik also shares lots of inspiring photos and stories of his journey on his social media channels. I’ll give you the links to follow Tarik at the end of this article, but now make sure to check this amazing, 9-minute video that Tarik made to share more with us. Once you watch it you will understand the concept of his solo trip better:

Follow Tarik:

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