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Hello Darija! Lesson #3 – Eating Out

Series of short lessons in collaboration with HelloDarija

How it works?

I provide you with several words and phrases in a certain topic + conjugation of one verb related to the topic.
One lesson = one topic.

Next, you go to to practice your newly acquired vocabulary and learn how to use them in conversations. 
Everything for free. 

Good luck!

 KLA ‘to eat’
I           Klit
You     Kliti
He       Kla
She      Klat
We       Klina
You     Klitu
They    Klaw
I           Ta-nnakul
You     Ta-ttakul
He       Ta-yyakul
She      Ta-ttakul
We       Ta-nnaklu
You     Ta-ttaklu
They    Ta-yyaklu
I           gha-nnakul
You     gha-ttakul
He       gha-yyakul
She      gha-ttakul
We       gha-nnaklu
You     gha-ttaklu

They    gha-yyaklu


Eating out – nnaklu barra (we eat out)

Do you have…  – wash 3andek…
Lentils  – 3dess
White beans – llubya
Mint tea  – atay
Coffee with milk  – 9ahwa bl7lib
Water – lma
Juice  – 3asir
Orange – 3asir
dial limun
Apple  – 3asir dial
Banana  – 3asir
dial banan
Avocado  – 3asir dial lavoca
Peach  – 3asir dial 5u5
Mango  – 3asir dial mango
Strawberry  – 3asir dial fraise
Please – afak
No, thanks  – la,
Without sugar  – bla sukkar
Salt – mel7a
Pepper  – felfla
Bread   – 5ubz
With/ without  – m3a/bla
Take away  – Dda
Eat here  – kul
How much?  –  Bsh7al?
It was delicious!  – Bnin!
What’s that? – Shnu dakshi?
I’d like tajine with chicken and veggies – Bghit shi tajin dial djaj bl5udra

Something to drink – Shi haja neshrubha


9= Q (deep “k” from the throat)
3= Ain (deep “a”)
7= h
5= kh (noisy “h” coming from throat)
6= t
gh; a bit like French “r”, something between “r” and “h”

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