How to Enjoy a Truly Authentic Morocco Experience

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One of the problems with going to Morocco is that it’s so easy to get enraptured by the beauty, hustle and bustle of Marrakech and not really venture out much further. The same is true if you head to one of the coastal resorts; you can end up enjoying the fantastic weather and relaxation so much that you don’t really experience Morocco outside of a few square miles. If you want an authentic way to experience the north African country though, these are some of the best ways to do so.

Stay with Some Locals

Many countries now offer home stays, Airbnb and other similar accommodation opportunities, including Morocco. For some of these you can actually stay with locals and see how they live. There may be special trips you can book to live with a family for a week or so, eating with them and getting a proper sense of Moroccan life.

Alternatively, if you’ve got plenty of time, you could consider volunteer work in Morocco. Not only will you be doing some good with your time in the country, but you’ll be staying with locals, eating, drinking and literally living in Morocco.


Go Out of the Way

There are so many undiscovered areas of Morocco outside of the tourist areas, especially given the areas of the country covered by the Sahara Desert and Atlas Mountains. Down in the south you can go trekking through Tighmert, through some of the barren lands and uncovering this baking oasis.

Away from the main cities there are various towns and villages that rarely receive many tourists but can be extremely welcoming when they do. Such places may not offer the same amount of home comforts as the capital but if you want an authentic experience you can’t really be expecting this anyway.

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Arrange Your Own Travel

Whether it’s hiring a private jet to head to Essaouira or driving down some sandy roads from Marrakech to Agadir, organising your own trip can provide a vaster, more authentic overview of Morocco. You’ll have the freedom to choose where exactly you go with either, rather than being stuck with the plans and itinerary of a guided tour.

Plus, when driving across the country (in a car or on bikes) there will be plenty of places to stop off. Camping, staying overnight in small villages and towns provides a much more authentic experience of Morocco than two weeks in a hotel in Marrakech.

Travelling outside of your comfort zone and not relying on an organised tour can be a great way to uncover an authentic Moroccan trip.

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