July 22


Trip to the desert – how to prepare, what to pack?

By Bewildered in Morocco

July 22, 2018

wycieczka na sahare pustynie maroko trek camel wielblad polka w maroku zycie ekspat expat life polish

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Lots of people ask me:

“What to pack to the Sahara trip? How should I prepare?”

So here it is, the list of the most useful items and a couple of tips before your excursion!

My list is based on my numerous experiences of travelling to Merzouga, to the average, non luxury camps. Regardless the destinations, camps are more or less similar. Well, unless you go for glamping!

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Useful items to pack for your desert trip:

As  there is no running water in the desert, make sure to have your own drinking water with you. I usually take 1.5l bottle per night, but you should adjust this amount to your personal needs.

Hand sanitizers are another thing I never forget during my travels. As the access to running water is limited in the desert, a small bottle of antibacterial gel can save your life!

Small backpack or a comfortable bag is better than big luggage or suitcase. Remember that you are going to ride a camel (that is not a train, where you can squeeze in all your things). You’ll spend only one night in the desert camp so make sure to take all the things you need with you. Don’t forget your medicines! The rest (big suitacase etc) can be left in the mini bus before departing to the desert camp!

wycieczka na sahare pustynie maroko trek camel wielblad polka w maroku zycie ekspat expat life polish

I never travel without my… expandable runner’s belt. It helps me keep the most important things always near. It’s very handy when you have no pockets.

Something to protect your skin from the southern sun. I am not a fan of cosmetics, but I put my trust in nature. I personally use pure argan oil (instead of daily cream, sunscreen, body lotion…), coconut oil or shea butter. Try what is best for you and take it with you as the sun in the desert can be painful :)

Make sure to have additional battery packs for your camera or powerbank in case you need to chage your phone!

If you suffer from motion sickness, there is a great medicine available in Morocco. It is called nautamine and costs about 1.5 EUR / 16 MAD. Remember that the way to Sahara goes through the Atlas mountains and some curvy roads.

wycieczka na sahare pustynie maroko trek camel wielblad polka w maroku zycie ekspat expat life polish
Dades Valley, one of the stops on your way to Sahara

As the weather in the desert can be tricky, you have to be ready for the heat and cold. Nights are usually chilly, especially around 4-5 AM and that’s when thermal clothes are useful! You can wrap yourself in several layers of clothes, but this will give you more kilograms to carry. I always have one thermal blouse in my bag, no matter where I go and each time I take it, I am just more and more sure it was the best choice!

You may also take a scarf as it can serve as a cover of your pillow, head wrap or additional layer if it gets too cold. It also looks great in photos! :)


wycieczka na sahare pustynie maroko trek camel wielblad polka w maroku zycie ekspat expat life polish

Other things that you should know:

If you go to a luxuy glamping you’ll probably have your own bathroom in Sahara :D but if you go to an average bivouac, there are toilets and water to clean your hands. Forget shower. You’ll have it later in the base. In the morning, when you ride your camels back to the hotel in Merzouga, you will have a chance to have a quick shower.

It is quite hard to catch network in the desert so don’t worry about your phone. You’ll have a real technology detox!

You don’t need to take your own sleeping bag. There are thick and heavy blankets in the tents. No worries!

I also get questions about snakes and scorpions in the desert. I have been to Merzouga quite a couple of times and never saw one. It doesn’t mean they don’t live there though!

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  • I have arthritis in my hip, making it difficult to do things like ride a horse; so I am assuming riding a camel on a saddle would also be painful. Do you ever see a different type of way to ride a camel, rather than with one leg on each side of the animal while sitting on a saddle type thing?

    • I have seen some more experienced riders riding the camel sitting on the side :) I’d be cared of my balance though but you could try <3

  • Great list, I had the worst experience ever while a desert safari, I didn’t bring anything with myself and it didn’t end up well. Thanks for the list though. I will keep that in mind for my next visit.

  • I’m going to do a night in the desert in December–if I take thermals and a hat/gloves, will that be ebough–ie, will I be ok without a sleeping bag?

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