February 28


5 Surreal (And Untapped!) Spots For Photos In Morocco

By Bewildered in Morocco

February 28, 2016

I am not a fan of crowded, tourist-invaded places, are you? I always try to explore the beautiful beaches, islands, rooftops. I also do my best to promote the local culture, attractions, hidden gems of the country, forgotten places. Far from touristy attractions and noisy spots.

Many of my Readers have asked me where do I take my photos? I chose 5 most frequenly “wanted” ones, the most surreal and untapped places in Morocco. You can go to these places without worrying about the crowd and having to deal with hundreds of people destroying the background of your photos:)

Only you and nature!

Private beach by the lagoon 30 km from Dakhla city

The white dune (la dune blanche) around 40 km from Dakhla city. To find it, you’ll need to take the road to Mauritania and go off road at a certain point (some kilometres after Dakhla Attitude hotel)

pull&bear kardigan long boots tamaris casablanca beach plage

A small island in Tamaris city, 25 km south from Casablanca. This particular beach is the extreme end of the city.

The dunes of the Sahara desert

The area near the lighthouse in Casablanca.

What’s your favorite spot?

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