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The Best Time To Come To Morocco For Surfing, Swimming, Trekking

By Bewildered in Morocco

September 2, 2015

Many of you ask me in your emails when to come to Morocco. It’s a very general question. Why? Because it depends what is the purpose of your travel!

To make it easy to understand I divided this article into sections depending on what you want to do in Morocco.

For beach: May to September

When you want to go to the beaches in the north the best time is from May to September. The sand and water there are way more beautiful and clean than the ones in Rabat or Casablanca surroundings. For really amazing beaches and crystal clear water I advice you to choose the south. I have been in Dakhla and loved it, however you have to be aware of one thing: the weather there is nice all year long but it is very windy. I wrote more about Dakhla here.

For nautical sports: All year long

Dakhla is a place where wind blows around 45km/h 300 days a year! Basically, it is a surfers’ paradise. If you don’t want to go so far to the south (Dakhla is over 2000 km away from Tanger) you can go to Taghazout – next to Agadir.


For mountains: Spring and early autumn

Actually mountains are nice all year long. The only obstacle is high temperature during the day and low at night. If you don’t find it problematic, you can hit the road and go to mountains whenever you want. For nature and beautiful peysages you should go there in spring or autumn. In summer temperature may be up to 50’C. Around January and February you can also go skiing near Marrakech or Ifrane!

For desert: November to April

The best time to experience the magical dunes of the Sahara is autumn, winter and spring. The heat during the summer in unbearable. I went for a camel ride in February and it was still quite hot until the sunset, in the evening temperature decreased and I was sleeping in a pullover, a jacket and under two blankets. Make sure to take warm clothes for the night and cover your body during the day to avoid sunburns ;)

More about Sahara here.


For sightseeing (imperial cities): all year long.

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