Anfa, ain diab district, Casablanca

Casablanca – best districts to live for expats

So, you’re here because you probably want to rent a house or an apartment in Casablanca, right? I will share with you my experience living in Casa for some years so help you make up your mind. I am not a real estate agency, guys, I am a simple blogger sharing the love for Morocco […]

Friture, deep fried seafood

Where To Eat Lunch In Casablanca | Budget & Luxury Options

If you are looking for great places to eat out in Casablanca, I’ll share my favorite ones with you! I think that all of them are worth trying – some of them will fill your stomach without emptying your wallet, while the others will spoil your taste buds with sophisticated dishes. All the places are […]

Rabat & Casablanca At Their Best With Al Jazeera | The Traveller #1

Morocco has been inspiration for many artists all over the world – lots of photographers and filmmakers came to visit this mysterious country. No wonder why, right? The Moroccan architecture is splendid, food is amazing, and the landscapes are so various, that everyone will find something interesting here. Every year more people find inspiration in […]

The Port In Casablanca

The port of Casablanca is one of the main economic spots in the city, but the locals also know that they can go there for a Sunday lunch with the family or buy fresh fish from the fishermen. There are a couple of restaurants and bars in the port, but to find the cheapest and […]

Houzia Beach in El Jadida

4 Best Beaches In Casablanca And Surroundings (Up To 100 Km Away)

El Hoceima, Dakhla, Essaouira… Everyone knows these places and they become the dream destination of many surfers and travelers from all around the world. Not many people visit Casablanca as it’s not a very touristy city. I haven’t seen much info on the Internet regarding the beaches around Casa, and I also receive many emails […]

Tamaris Beach, Grand Casablanca

Tamaris, Peaceful Getaway Near Casablanca

Tamaris is a peaceful getaway around 30 km away from crowded Casablanca. It has been developing ridiculously over the past years and now Casaouis buy summer houses there. Many people decide to give up their big city life and move to Tamaris, Dar Bouazza. It is a perfect place for travellers, backpackers and digital nomads. […]

Hidden Gems of Casablanca - The Lighthouse & The Port - ft LYesVlog

Hidden Gems of Casablanca – The Lighthouse & The Port – ft LYesVlog

Guys, Ilias, the guy behind LyesVlog, and I decided to join our forces and make a series of vlogs for you. We are going to show you the hidden gems of Casablanca. Part one: The lighthouse and the port. Stay tuned for more and enjoy! And a bonus: Darija (Moroccan Arabic) version for those of […]

Dades Valley, South of Morocco, Atlas mountains

8 Travel Bloggers Share Their Tips For Newbies In Morocco

You guys often approach me for tips about Morocco for people who come here for the first time. I believe that it’s good to hear different opinions, and even if I try to be consistent and tell you as much as I can, I may miss something. Also, getting tips from different people with different […]

12 Stunningly Beautiful Photos Of Morocco

My subjective selection of the most breathtaking photos of Morocco in 2015 Anass Errihani Karim Achalhi Sauphiane Idlcadi Marwa Rouigui Jawhar Kodadi Abdelhamid Belamhidi © Bewildered in Morocco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published without permission, rewritten or redistributed

5 Things You Should Never Do In Casablanca

Casablanca. Such a romantic place to be according to many. Many who have never been there. Casablanca is a bewildering jungle. Here are some known, yet not written anywhere rules. Every real Casaoui should know them :) If you are a tourist you can still take advantage of my insider’s guide and know what to […]

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4 Interesting Things To Do In Casablanca In One Day!

  Discover Casablanca with a local, in just one day! The longer I live in Casablanca the more I love it. My friends from other cities ask me how is it possible to like it? Well, it is! I enjoy the simple things this city offers, appreciate its hidden (not very obvious at the first […]

Is Morocco Safe For Women?

  I receive tens of questions about safety in Morocco as a solo female traveler. You ask me how to behave, how to dress when you’re on a solo trip, what to pay attention to… If you’re an experienced travelette, you know how to adjust to certain cultures not to attract too much unwanted attention […]

My Favorite Cities In Morocco

CITY: Ait Ouglif WHY: It is a very peaceful Amazigh village in the mountains. Its location is almost perfect: 17 km to civilization (Boumalene) and around 70 km to a bigger city, Kelaat M’gouna. Ait Ouglif itself is hidden in the mountains, among trees, nature and water.  There is a little river and all fruits […]


I used to think that Casa is boring and there is nothing to see except medina and Hassan II Mosque. I discovered this place thanks to Tahir Shah on a Saturday afternoon and got amazed. It is cemetery of people who settled down first in the city of Casablanca. Most of them were Europeans; Italians, […]


I have this strange passion for markets. All kinds of markets. Whenever I go to a new Moroccan city, a souk is on my must-see list. They all may seem the same- messy, loud, crowded, different scents floating in the air- but each time I go there, there is something new, something that catches my […]


That’s the place I discovered today: some amazing caves and rocks near the lighthouse. Looks so peaceful and beautiful, no? Oh yes, it is truly amazing! Scroll down and enjoy the snaps…                   barbecue on the rocks Did you like the photos? Seems like a lovely place […]

Interior Of Dar Khalifa (Caliph’s House) In Casablanca

We arrive to Dar Khalifa a bit late. It’s a challenge to reach the house even for the second time. First time Tahir picked us up from the road. We were too busy chatting to remember the way. No address. We pass by Harley Davidson, luxury villas and the slums. People in Bidonville are sweet, […]


If you’re looking for paradise for senses, omnipresent scents, loud voices, honking cars, rainbow-colored, aromatic spices and intensive oil perfumes like from the 1000 and One Nights, Morocco is definitely a destination for you. If you’re a foodie seeking culinary orgasm, love spicy meat, fluffy bread, and sweet sticky pastries Morocco will undoubtedly meet your expectations. […]