October 19


Where To Eat Lunch In Casablanca | Budget & Luxury Options

By Bewildered in Morocco

October 19, 2017

If you are looking for great places to eat out in Casablanca, I’ll share my favorite ones with you! I think that all of them are worth trying – some of them will fill your stomach without emptying your wallet, while the others will spoil your taste buds with sophisticated dishes.

All the places are in the center of Casablanca!


Casa port (the port in Casablanca) is my favorite place to eat out and I wrote an entire article about it. It’s in the downtown, and you will be serve fresh fish. It’s super delicious and super cheap! For 2.5 EUR you will get frie fish, eggs with shrimps, tea, harissa sauce, and bread.

Address: Casa Port, just near the Casa Port train station. Walk deep inside the port.


Ibil snack is a place that not many people know about. Camel tagine is an ordinary meal in the south of Morocco but in Casablanca it’s not so common! No worries, you can still enjoy it without moving thousands kilometres to the south. Ibil snack in Jura Street is specialized in camel tagine, camel knuckles and sandwiches. The average price for a meal is 3 EUR and it comes with tea, bread and olives as a starter. Heavy meal, perfect for meat lovers.

If you have no craving for camel’s meat, you can try any other bar in Jura street – it is full of great, budget places where they serve homemade food an snacks!

Address: rue du Jura (Jura street) in Maarif neighborhood. The street is small – the Ibil snack is locate rigth on the corner with Ibnou Nafiss street!

Read my guide to Moroccan food on a backpacker’s buget.


La Sqala is one of the top spots recommended on Tripadvisor and Google Maps. A dinner in la Sqala is not cheaper than a dinner in a fancy restaurant in European capitals. The quality of food is good, dishes are delicious and beautifully served. If you want to go for a dinner for two, be prepared to pay around 75 EUR. The place is beautiful, held in Moroccan style. It’s quiet and very stylish and in the evening you can enjoy live concerts.

This restaurant is also known for cultural events that take place on a regular basis. Expensive, yet a great place to relax and eat out.

Port de peche is the famous restaurant in the port. Tourists from the cruises go there and they love the place. I personally never went there, but I heard good opinions about it. A lunch for one person would be around 20 EUR, but this will vary depending on what you order.

Address: Casa Port, just near the Casa Port train station.

You can easily reach all the places with taxi or by foot (if you are based in the downtown.) To help you out with public transport in the chaotic city of Casablanca, I created this taxi survival kit – I hope it helps!


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