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    4 travelsome things to do in Casablanca in 24h

    Discover Casablanca with a local, in just one day!

    The longer I live in Casablanca the more I love it. My friends from other cities ask me how is it possible to like it? Well, it is! I enjoy the simple things this city offers, appreciate its hidden (not very obvious at the first sight) beauty. Casa is not the dreamt holiday destination and most tourists come here for a day or two. Most of them hit the popular alleys of medina and the beautiful Hassan II Mosque, then they go to fancy restaurants in the coast. Some of the more adventurous ones go to habous. Today I would like to propose you an alternative. Alternative to chic, expensive places. Something that will let you feel the ambience of Casablanca, fully absorb it and spend just little money.

    Port of Casablanca

    The port of Casablanca is famous for fish. There are some fancy restaurants that will charge you not less than restaurants in Paris! I always take a bit longer walk and go deep in the port. The rule is: follow the smell. The more stinky, the closer you are. There are some temporary bars (they usually close in the afternoon, when the stock of fish ends). Basically, it’s some wooden benches where you can sit. There’s no menu – you eat whatever the fishermen catch that day. Tasty, authentic and cheap.

    Mkila, eggs with tomato sauce and hrimps
    Mkila, eggs with tomato sauce and shrimps

    Sacre Coeur Cathedral

    Years ago it used to serve as a cathedral for Christian settlers in Casablanca. Now it is more like a cultural space where you can see exhibitions and participate in various events. There is also another thing you can do but not many people realize that: you can tip the guardian and go to the rooftop to see the entire city from the sky. It’s a breathtaking experience, worth every single dirham spent on it!

    The Lighthouse

    There’s a really adorable place in Casablanca. You and the ocean. It’s hidden behind the lighthouse. Actually it’s a military base and ruins of some old buildings. Many Moroccans go there to have barbecue on the rocks or swim when it gets too hot in summer. Not all Casaouis know this place, not many tourists go there. There’s nothing special, yet it is unique. Some ruins, rocks, ocean, shanty town… You have to focus to see the magic of this place. It’s worth!

    View from the lighthouse
    View from the lighthouse

    The lighthouse

    Sidi Abderrahmane

    A place where magic happens. Literally. Only in 2013 this place was not connected to land. People living in the island had to take a boat to get to the city. It’s a unique place because magic happens there. You can charm your husband, wife, put a spell on someone… It’s an interesting experience to go there and see how people live. Apart from the magical part, I fell in love with tiny houses and sunsets seen from the island!

    Black cats everywhere on the island...
    Black cats everywhere on the island…
    Entrance to the island
    Entrance to the island

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