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Casablanca – best districts to live for foreigners

By Bewildered in Morocco

January 24, 2018

Photo source: Casa-Accueil

So, you’re here because you probably want to rent a house or an apartment in Casablanca, right?

I will share with you my experience living in Casa for some years so help you make up your mind. I am not a real estate agency, guys, I am a simple blogger sharing the love for Morocco and Casablanca, so take this post as my subjective opinions and experiences. Enjoy!

Safe, modern, and central:

Twin Centre, the symbl of Maarif

My forever number one is Maarif. I used to live there for 2 years and I must say I love it. People living thee are open-minded and really nice. Maarif is close to any place in the city. There are great shops around, most of the buildings are new or at least renovated and living there is pleasant :)

Other districts that are often chosen by foreigners, especially French people, are: Gauthier – Racine – Palmiers. I personally like these areas, there are lots of shops, gyms, beauty centres and schools around. These areas are beautiful but, as for me, there is not enough greenery!

Affordable and accessible:

The view from cathedral Sacre Coeur. Centre ville and Bourgogne.

One of those cheap, yet quite all right districts is Bourgogne. I lived there for some time too, and the biggest advantage was its location, just a short walk to be by the ocean! The buildings there are old and beautiful. The district has a very nice ambience.

Centre Ville (Medina) – this is the super central district, super noisy and crowded. Not my favourite place to live, or even be, but because of its location, many foreigners choose to live there too.

The other districts that are not so pricey, yet have a good location are: Belvedere, Derb Ghalef and Hopitaux. If you are looking for something that is accessible and not so expensive, you should have a look at these areas!

Park in the city centre

Luxury and peaceful:


Ehhh… I wanted to live near Ain Diab, but as soon as I saw the prices there… I gave up ;)

Anfa is the posh district of Casablanca, full of beautiful villas and gardens. It’s clean, nice and very close to the ocean. If you’re lucky enough to live on the hill you will wake up to the view and sounds of the Atlantic every day! The main photo of this article was taken in Anfa, as you can see, there are lots of palm trees around!

C.I.L is the most popular district among French families. There are lots of villas around, and it is close to the city centre too. It’s calm and quite green.

Polo is another nice, villa area in the town. It’s located quite far from the city centre, there are not many shops around. It’s a very quiet and calm area, usually inhabited by families. Ummm… wealthy families!

Night walk in Ain Diab

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