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I receive tens of questions about safety in Morocco as a solo female traveler. You ask me how to behave, how to dress when you’re on a solo trip, what to pay attention to…

If you’re an experienced travelette, you know how to adjust to certain cultures not to attract too much unwanted attention ot to provoke someone to do something you don’t really want. If you are new to travelling, you may find this guide useful.

I have travelled Morocco by myself, I can tell you that it is a safe country.

Pssst.. read also these general travel tips for solo women, written by Bianca from My Wild Earth!


These are precautions that any female should take anywhere in the world. Stick to them and you will enjoy your holidays. You should also know that Moroccans are generally very hospitable people and if you are invited for a Friday couscous or a wedding – don’t be surprised and accept the invitation.

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