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Thousand Star Retreat @ Amayour Surf Hostel Taghazout

By Bewildered in Morocco

April 5, 2017

I was really tired of the big city life (Belgrade, like many European capitals, can be overwhelming) and I found that email from Shiraz, one of the creative spirits behind Amayour Surf, inviting me for a retreat in Taghazout.

Not having thought for too long, we’ve booked the tickets and packed the bags. Last time I visited this surf city in the south was in 2015 and since then the place has changed tremendously! Lots of luxury resorts being built around, luckily there are still cosy spots like Amayour Surf where you can escape the mass tourism and feel like home.

The idea that Shiraz and M’hand had while creating the hostel & surf camp was to give people a unique experience and the possibility to slow down.

They succeeded.

The time was flying and we were sincerely sad to leave. They do everything by themselves; they prepare healthy, delicious meals; teach people how to ride the waves; they designed the interior of Amayour Surf. Both of them always have the time to sit down with their guests and have a chat or eat the dinner together.

Surfers’ Paradise

Taghazout is known for being the surf capital of Morocco. The waves there are just perfect to be ridden! Plenty of surfers from all over the world come here and the city’s popularity is rapidly increasing.

At Amayour you can have your first surfing experience and be sure you are in good hands, M’hand’s hands! Thinking of watersports has always scared the sh*t out of me, but M’hand (not just the owner of Amayour, but also a surfing instructor) made it fun!

Let’s start!
M'hand in front of Amayour Surf Hostel, on the way to the beach
M’hand and I. Attempting to stand up :D

Everyone is Welcome!

Ok, some of you may say that surfing if not your thing. No worries, I can totally feel you as I am not a surfer myself, yet I enjoyed it to the max. Shiraz is doing a great job making Amayour a community, she and M’hand create the magical atmosphere around the place. The hostel is also a great spot for yoga retreats, foodie trips (click here to check the packages that Amayour has to offer) or simply lazy holidays. If you’re a solo female traveler you’ll also enjoy that, don’t worry!

Taghazout has a great location, thus it’s a great base for travellers who wish to explore the region but want to stay away from overly touristy cities like Marrakech or Agadir. From Taghazout you can go to the beautiful Paradise Valley, Immesouane or other wonders of nature.

If you wish to travel further, Agadir is just half an hour ride, and from there you can easily reach all major Moroccan cities by bus.

In Agadir you can also go shopping in the souk, hit the pubs and night clubs or chill out on the beach.

The beach and many cafes are just 2 min walk away

Food To Die For

Do you like seafood? Moroccan cuisine? Healthy food? Homemade vege soups? Are you a meatlover and like BBQ?

If you answered “yes” at least once, I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy the food too! Shiraz and M’hand prepare all meals by themselves. It’s nothing like all inclusive holidays. It’s more of a family lunch or dinner when you sit by the table and cherish the food.

The breakfast is a truly Moroccan feast with a European touch; omlettes served in tagine pots, all sorts of Moroccan pancakes, honey, mint tea, fresh fruits and more.

After the sunset everybody seat by the table on the spacious rooftop terrace and enjoy the dinner: mouthwatering octopus tagine, juicy chicken with preserved lemons or an aromatic BBQ.

Grilled chicken and fresh salads for lunch

Amayour Surf is not a five-star hotel. It is a thousand-star experience!

And from the rooftop terrace you can admire beautiful sunsets showcased on the clear sky. You’ll be waken up to the sound of the waves and singing birds. You’ll feel the breeze of the ocean and smell the aroma of the homemade meals.

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  • There’s something so beautiful about and outdoor living space. I love the tiled floor in the open air. – great pics!

  • Hey Monika,

    Great Place Amazing Trip!!! I love to Travel, Blogging, and beginner investor. I have read this post. Its a really wonderful journey with a bunch of monotonous hotels. Hare has a big city and healthy food, drinks. Monika, really you are strong & lover girl. Your suffering is professional with team surfers. Can I try to next time to enjoy it? Recently we will travel to South Asia. Food collection is of high quality. I love to drink Juchi. Hare has a nice & colorful bedroom. Today is my nice day! I suggest you can read this article. Then you will travel the Moroccan. The big city is awesome. Now, I´ll share this post on social media:)


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