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5, 20, 100 Dirham Shopping In Morocco

Many of you ask me how expensive the food is in Morocco, travel tickets or clothes. Here is a quick reply and some simple examples of what you can buy with certain amount of dirhams:)
What can you buy in Morocco for:
5 dhs (40 euro cents)
• 2 kilos of oranges for juice
• bus ticket in Casablanca
 • sugar cane juice on the streets in popular areas

• have a taxi ride in Ouarzazate (within the city)

• breakfast: msmen with cheese or honey and mint tea in a mahlaba or a hole-in-the-wall bakery

• 1,5l bottle of mineral water



20 dhs (1,8 euros)
 • credits for mobile phone enough for a week
 • lunch: tajine or a big salad in a local snack (not a posh restaurant for tourists)
• XXL fruit smoothie


•  beer in a supermarket

• more than a kilo of fresh olives

100 dhs (9 euros)
 • balerinas in a local shoe shop
 • bus ticket Marrakesh-Agadir (even cheaper with other companies!)
• good quality babouche (the price for tourists may reach 300, for locals less than 100)

• book a night in a good hostel in Tangier or Marrakesh


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