November 6


Living In Morocco – Living Diversity

By Bewildered in Morocco

November 6, 2014

Morocco is the realest melting pot! A unique fusion of different religions, nations, races, languages, flavors, geographical features and much more.
Each day spent here is a new discovery for me, each time I travel somewhere in Morocco I am more and more amazed: how can a country be so diversified?! It can. It’s Morocco :)


Morocco is a Muslim country and life of most is based on it but it is not a problem for Christians and Jews living here! People here are tolerant and there are no religious fights. You’ll see many churches in bigger cities (No, it is not like Western media says! They don’t burn each other and they don’t destroy each other temples;) ).


Spanish, Berber dialects, Arabic, French… Most spoken languages in Morocco. If you go to the north, most people will understand Spanish, if you travel to Rif or High Atlas mountains you’ll hear Amazigh languages.


There are many different nations in Morocco: from Amazigh people to Arabs and European settlers. Each group has different lifestyle, traditions and points of view. It’s amazing how much you can learn from them! In other countries I’ve visited so far, people are more or less similar- in Morocco there are completely different people and still they can coexist without major problems!


In Morocco you will meet the poorest, the richest living just next to each other. You’ll also meet very traditional, typically Moroccan families and totally westernized ones. You will meet very educated people who speak fluently many languages or struggle to utter a word in darija to be understood. You can chill out in night clubs or simply enjoy a glass of mint tea a in your friend’s house and get involved in their daily family routine. Whatever you want- you’ll have it here!


You want to have a week holiday and see desert, mountains and swim in the ocean/sea? You don’t have to go to three different countries or travel from the north to the south! In Morocco you can chill out on a beach, take a bus leading through High Atlas mountains and end up in the desert. Everything in just a week! You may experience freezing cold in Ifran, crystal clear waters in Tetouan and unbearable heat of the south.

Media often shows African/ Arab/ Muslim countries as narrow-minded, closed, not developed and not tolerant. Let me assure you- it is not the case in Morocco! Whatever you hear on TV or radio- take it with a pinch of salt ;)

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