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5 of the best surfing spots in Morroco

By Bewildered in Morocco

September 6, 2019

5 of the best surfing spots in Morroco by Ethan White

An incredibly beautiful, culturally rich and unique destination, Morocco is a top choice of holiday location for thousands of us every year. But for those who prefer to spend their time on the waves instead of sunning themselves on the beach, knowing the best places to go is the ideal way to plan that dream surfing holiday.

On the way for the first surfing class amayour
On the way for the first surfing class with Amayour Surf

Here are five of the top surf beaches and spots you don’t want to miss the next time you travel to Morocco:

Anchor Point

The most famous of Morocco’s surfing locations, Anchor Point has a little something for everyone. With consistent surf-friendly tides and excellent long waves for more advanced surfers, this beautiful location even includes a range of different surf camps for true beginners. According to figures from Groupon, only 2.2 injuries occur to surfers over 1,000 days of surfing– but getting some training in can ensure you’re not even a part of that small statistic before you hit the surf.


Named after the incredible shipwreck just off the coastline of this beach, Boilers is not a choice for beginners. But for more experienced surfers, this fantastic destination holds plenty of opportunities (for photography, as well as incredible waves). With the chance for tubular waves and lengths of up to 400m, this beach isn’t for the faint-hearted but is worth a visit to watch the pro surfers take on the challenge.

Banana Beach

Banana Beach earns its name from the coastline’s proximity to the many banana plantations of Aourir, a local village. This hidden gem may not be one of the most well-known or established surfing spots, but that doesn’t make it any less unique. While Banana Beach is a little less consistent than other surfing areas, it’s more than worth a try for the incredible views of the plantations and the chance for some really high-quality waves along the way. Yoga retreats are also a popular option for this location, allowing for plenty R&R when you’re not out on the waves.

Banana seller in Aourir, aka Banana Village
Banana seller in Aourir, aka Banana Village

Magic Bay

Located in Imsouane, Magic Bay is the ideal choice of surf location for beginners, or those looking for a calmer ride. A beautifully picturesque location complete with some of the longest waves in Africa, with some as long as 600m, this area is known for its incredible cliffs and natural pools for swimming. For surfers looking for a laid-back atmosphere or a site more suited to long-boards, then Magic Bay is the ideal place to pick. Magic Bay offers some of the most stunning sunsets in the country, as well as some great local food, to further enhance that surfing experience.

Devil’s Rock

The aptly-named Devil’s Rock is one of the more popular surfing sites that Morocco has to offer. Often-crowded and lively, this area is the polar opposite of the destination’s more isolated surf spots. For surfers that enjoy the atmosphere of popular spots, and aren’t afraid to surf on a diverse set of waves, then Devil’s Rock is the ideal place to visit. Particularly famous for its breaks that are suitable for all levels of surfer, Devil’s Rock is more than just a place to surf – it’s an experience.

Whatever you’re hoping to get out of Morocco, researching the top surf spots ahead of time can ensure you experience all you want to. From beginner’s beaches to more advanced locations, this unique country has it all. For those looking to learn to surf, the majority of destinations also have surf retreats or schools; ideal for getting into the world of surfing for the first time. Whatever your surfing ability level, Morocco isn’t an opportunity to miss.

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