October 31


How to find job in Morocco?

By Bewildered in Morocco

October 31, 2018


I’ll take myself as an example. I speak Polish, English and French. I always knew that English was wanted in Morocco and European English teachers could find a job easily. Correct. I worked as a teacher is several schools and never complained about money. On the other hand, I was positively surprised when I found some offers for… Poles. All in all, since I came here in September 2013, I was jobless only for a month. As I am wanderer, I always took some weeks off between jobs and devoted this time for travels. I found interesting positions in many different fields. Not all of them were well paid (some of the first ones were paid as low as 350 EUR a month!) … But well, you have to start with something, right? Seek and you will find!


I know a lot of Asians and Europeans who came here because of a contract. Their companies sent them on a mission to Morocco, which is the simplest way to get here legally and earn good money (salary is EUR or USD, cost of living in MAD). Not everybody is so lucky though! Most of people who send me messages and ask about working here, have no idea what they want to do and have no chances of being sent on a mission by a company from their country of origin.

So how to get employed if you come here on a tourist visa? Unfortunately not many Moroccan companies are willing to help employees to get a work permit(bigger ones do though!). It is a long (looong…) process, lots of stress, stamps, signatures, time, and money! If you want to get a contract, it is better to find a niche work (to prove that there is no Moroccan who can do this job, ie. you speak Bulgarian, Chinese or whatever, anything to prove your qualifications are impossible to find in Morocco). Alternatively, and that’s what many foreigners do, is to open your own company so you can work with whoever you want to. How to open your own entreprise? I wrote about it here.


…in Morocco things rarely go as you expect them to go, so always be ready for suprises. When things get worse, just try to talk to different people and ask about their experiences. Each case is unique and there is always a solution. Morocco is a country of endless opportunities, you just need to know how to find them!

…if you speak niche languages (Asian languages, Slavic, Skandinavian languages), you are on the winning position. Morocco is a very fast developing country. Asian, Eastern European and Skandinavian countries trade with Morocco, thus, speakers of those languages are needed, yet not easy to find. Once you find an opportunity, you can be sure there are not many candidates who will meet the requirements and you can set your rules and the company will probably accept them.

…for the best tourism opportunities you should go to Agadir or Marrakesh. If you are more into art and culture, try Essaouira or Rabat. For business, work in corporations and international companies, I suggest Casablanca. When it comes to language teaching, you can try to contact particular councils and centres by email prior to moving to Morocco.

…last, but not least, if you speak good French, your chances of getting hired increase amazingly!


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  • Thanks. I want to ask u, I graduated in psychology and Iwant work with related to mental illness problem.so, what d u think? No work chance there?

    • I honestly have no idea… you may need to do a proper research. If you speak French tha would be an asset, ofr sure

  • Please i know much on agriculture and am good in business although am still an undergraduate so i want to know if there is hope for me even if it is serving as a labourer (am Darlington Nze) by name

  • I wish to come down to Morocco, i have 6yrs experience with the health maintainance organisation under d platform of National health insurance scheme, and also speak fluent English.. Any chance of getting a job pls

  • I’m interested to find a job in Morocco, I was in this beautiful country twices last year 2018, also I speak English and Spanish, I understand that I need French to find a job but I will learn fast, or maybe I cant open small business at there, I like Marrakech. Someone please can provide more info to made my dreams real.

    • Dear Raquel. What kind of job are you looking for ? What experience do you have? How old are you? Would you be intereseted by living in Fes, Morocco ?
      You can contact me at Rizlane.sefrioui(at)gmail.com

  • Hello. Im planning to move to Morocco and stay for a few months. I’m Argentinian and 43. I have more than 20 years of experience teaching English , currently working as teacher and coordinator in a 3 levels school BUT I don’t have a degree.. I can work because I’m well known in my small city and accept lower paid. Can I work in Morocco without a degree? Also I talked to Cervantes Institute and they recommended me to make short course and apply for Spanish examiner as native Spanish speaker. Everybody told me getting hired in call centers will be easy for me. Thanks in advance.

    • Back in 2014 it was possible, but I think things have changed and you will need a degree. Or CELTA or TEFL:)

  • Hi my name is Kawtar i have three years experience of teaching Darija to English speakers, I wrote a Darija book for foreigners who are interested in learning Arabic
    Please if you can help me about this i really appreciate
    Thank you

  • I agree that its a good advantage if you could really speak French. And knowing their culture too. It’s better too if you could research more of the place like the cost of living before deciding to get a job there.

  • To me, the tutorial would be the best choice. If I want to go to Morocco, I should learn to speak French. When I know the language of every country I want to go to, that would be a big advantage.

  • Hello am Joseve I live here in Morocco for the past one month look for work I can drive, an work in a hotel as a room Keeper fast food and restaurant, Getman please help me I need a work i also speak good English

    • Hi Joseve, how is everything? I cannot help you with the job hunting but I just want to know if did you find job now in Morocco?

  • hi my name is henry am planing to come over to morocco I can speak English and also I am an artist is there any opportunity for me to get a work there.

  • I’m interested to find a job in Morocco, I have GWO Working at height
    GWO First aid
    GWO Sea survival
    GWO Manual handling I also have
    GWO Fire awareness and level III on Motor vehicle maintenance I speak English and Arabic, i’m not sure that If I need French to find a job but Im will to learn , or maybe I cant open small business at there, i’m not sure what to do I like Marrakech. Or Agadir Someone please can provide more info

  • Hello, I hope everyone is good. Eid Mubarak.

    I have visited Morocco (Rabat, Souk El Arbaa, Tangier) twice last year 2019 and I want to learn more and settle there but I don’t know how to start. I’m a bank teller in UAE (but I’m from Philippines) and I speak good English. I have a degree in Business Management. I know that starting from scratch will be the first step in Morocco. But if somebody from Morocco can help me out, please don’t hesitate to contact me at eileen_sonjaco(at)yahoo.com

    Much appreciated. :)

  • Hi I’m Moroccan, originally from Meknes, I have lived in London my whole life and have gone back to Morocco every year to visit relatives. I’m a personal trainer by profession and I would love to live and work in Morocco. My question is how would I go about finding a job in Morocco. Also i speak the language so that’s a plus I guess.

  • I’m interested to find a job in Morocco, I was in this beautiful country twices last year 2018, also I speak English and Spanish, I understand that I need French to find a job but I will learn fast, or maybe I cant open business at there, I like Marrakech. Please can provide more info to made my dreams real.

  • Hello ,there, I’m looking to move Morocco ,as I’m Civil Engineer with 7 years of experience,can any one help me in that , current location – Qatar


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