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Hiking in Morocco – the gear and resources

Dades Valley. Photo credit: Nina from Safari Junkie.

Every year the Kingdom of Morocco attracts millions of tourists, surfers, photographers, hikers, climbers and adventure seekers. No wonder why! The country is full of stunning places to experience and explore. Morocco is also a paradise for active tourists: you can climb, go trekking or hiking in the Atlas, kite surf in one of the windy cities or ride a camel in the sand dunes of the desert.

In this article I will share with you some tips, helpful gear and useful blog posts written by other bloggers so you can prepare for your hiking adventure during your next trip! The post has been created in collaboration with Simply Hike.

Me. Somewhere in the Atlas mountains.

How to prepare for hiking in the Atlas?

The Atlas mountains are stunning and the peysage changes quickly. So does the weather. During the day it may be extremely hot, while temperature at night may decrease dramatically. It’s always good to be prepared for everything!

First of all, make sure you have the right walking boots, comfortable backpacks and weather-resistant clothes. During my first, spontaneous hike in the Atlas I wore… a djellaba (that you see in the pic above) and balerinas! I have to admit it wasn’t the best idea and my feet were hurting me for so long… Learn from my experience and wear proper shoes! ;)

To be fully prepared for your hiking or trekking in Morocco, I have selected a couple of texts written by other bloggers and by me:

Life has taught me that you have to prepared for anything. Even if it’s sunny, I always take with me a dry bag, some plastic bags (like at the airport) and a raincoat. Nothing is worse than having all your stuff wet (cameras, socks, your clothes in the backpack…) right? You may want to check out the life-saving dry bags, Osprey Backpack and other useful hiking stuff from Simply Hike, there are lots of hiking products to choose from.

dry bag

Hiking isn’t enough and you want to go more extreme?

If you are interested in more extreme sports in the Atlas, such as climbing, Morocco will be the right place for you! The weather conditions and wonderful landscapes attract climbers from all over the world!

If you are a professional climber or simply a mountain lover, I may have something interesting for you:

Anass Errihari Moroccan Photographer and Climber

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