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Here’s Looking at You, Kid

By Bewildered in Morocco

December 30, 2021

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The Kingdom of Morocco is located on the top western corner of Africa. It is ruled by King Mohammed VI of the Alaouite dynasty. Morocco has a rich history of collaboration with new countries like America, and old countries like France.

Morocco is best known by non-Africans for the movie Casablanca (1942), named for Morocco’s largest port city, in which the action takes place. In addition to this iconic media contribution, Morocco has a strong Berber cultural influence and is predominantly a Muslim nation. During the 1940s, Casablanca provided an exit point for people seeking to escape the war in Europe by travelling to America. This is all quite common knowledge, which paints Morocco as a quaint, historical desert country with no technological relevance. Here are some facts about startups from Morocco which might change that perception.

Play It, Sam

Morocco is home to Rym Games, an independent game development studio based in Casablanca. Founded in 2014, Rym released its first title, formerly known as The Conjuring House and rereleased as The Dark Occult in 2018. This return to old-school horror offers many new and user-friendly features, and is available on Steam.

Computer gaming as an industry has not been naturally linked to Morocco, but there are, in fact, many software development startups in Casablanca, working to strengthen the connection between Morocco and the digital business environment.

We’ll Always Have Paris

Travaux Généraux de Construction de Casablanca is a construction company which operates in the greater Sub-Saharan area, with subsidiary companies in Gabon and Côte d’Ivoire. Founded in 1991, this corporate has designed and built some of the most spectacular and unique developments in the region. They include hotels, hospitals, galleries and office projects. These buildings reflect the character and culture of the Saharan cities in which they are built, drawing on historical architectural influences to link the modern technological era with the history and cultural richness of the area.

I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

For over 45 years, Dolidol has been manufacturing mattresses in Morocco, offering a good quality product to the public and businesses. Dolidol offers a range of pillows and mattresses, and their catalogue features designs for athletes, orthopedic requirements, and an elite model. They also make a Moroccan-style daybed. Recent initiatives include the use of new technologies in the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality and reliability for sleepers, contrasting the perception of carpets and tents with the experience of civilized comfort. Browsers should be aware, though, that in keeping with the French tradition, the website does not speak English.

Round Up The Usual Suspects

Whilst the ancient marketplaces in Morocco will undoubtedly be open for centuries to come, for visitors to trawl through in the dry and dusty heat, LivreMoi offers an online option for book buyers. This platform connects a market stall full of books with the worldwide marketplace of buyers, who can select their favorite first editions from the air-conditioned comfort of their home or office.

Of course, LivreMoi also has physical premises, and along with the dusty tomes of old, they also sell and recommend new and current literature, as well as books for the school curriculum. There is nothing like a bookshop to demonstrate how technologically-advanced a country really is.

What Is Your Nationality?

Where Casablanca may have portrayed the place as being quaint and romantic, and perhaps at one time that was even so, the city has also progressed and transformed with the demands of the era, and the last startup to demonstrate this is Kezakoo, an online home-schooling and educational support platform, founded in 2013, and serving over 3.5 million learners.

Thoughtfully, this platform has entry points for learners, parents and teachers. It also offers information in French and Arabic. It has been endorsed by the Moroccan government, and has an impressive array of multinational partners.

Casablanca is rife with other startups. In fact, there are literally too many to mention in this short post. This should give some indication as to the advancement of Morocco’s startup agenda, and the fertile environment in which these small innovators are able to grow and thrive.

Finance pundits have noted the economic and digital growth of the Kingdom of Morocco in the last few years, as it has become a major data center player. This tech benefit, which Morocco can offer to global and local investors, stands to drive the Moroccan investment economy for the foreseeable future. As the cost of doing business is much lower, but the digital environment is comparable to European countries, Morocco is likely to become more attractive to foreign corporations.

This is a far cry from the black and white reel showing two people sipping cocktails in a bar, and although Morocco retains its romantic Saharan beauty and nostalgia, through its architecture, historical venues and natural features, the post-modern era has infused the kingdom with a digital edge that will once more make it a sought-after locale.

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