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How To Start Business In Morocco? – Guide To Opening A Company + PDF!

By Bewildered in Morocco

December 19, 2021

They say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” this rule is 100% applicable in the topic of company creation and administration work!

I’ve been meaning to open a company for quite a while. I was somehow scared and my common sense kept on telling me to postpone the process. Finally, an opportunity popped up and I decided to seize it. Before, I had spent half a year researching about the subject and asking my friends how to start. Everyone told me a different version: it is hard, it is long, it is fast, it is easy, it is better to do by yourself, it is better to hire someone…

I decided not to hire anybody and do the things on my own. It was pretty hard to find any info about it in English so I decided to write this step-by-step guide and make it smooth and painless for you. I know how much nerves it costed me and I wish to help you out so now sit tight, don’t get scared, chill out and read on!

Aha, one thing is sure: forget about doing it entirely by yourself. It is not possible;) unless you’re an accountant with good knowledge of Moroccan law and French language! Sooner or later you’ll need accountant’s help (like I needed).

Some tips before you start the process:

If you don’t speak French- hire somebody to do it for you! You’ll save a lot of time and nerves:D Without proper knowledge of French language the process will be a real, real (!) pain in the ass. You’ll need to fill in all the papers in French, obviously. Sometimes some little knowledge of Darija is necessary too!

You do not need residency permit to open a company. Tourist visa is enough to start the process.

Be patient! Some institutions are messed up, some are organized. I quite like Casablanca’s CRI (regional center for investments) for the way they are organized. I hate other public institutions (where you need to get some stamps and signatures) because there is a terrible mess, people cut in line and nobody keeps them in order. Nightmare.

Have more money than you counted to spend. You’ll be asked to move to many different institutions which means you’ll spend money on taxi. There will be also a lot of printing: several copies of each document (detailed list in Frech attached below).

Always make one copy more than asked. You never know when you’ll need it. Don’t forget to print double-sided documents to save money on stamps and don’t put your address in domiciliation and status if you’re not a resident in Morocco. I made this mistake and had to reprint the status and repeat half of the process…

I’ve spent weeks writing a detailed guide to opening a business in Morocco that consists of. Some of the questions that I’ve answered:

  1. Where to go to choose the name of your company?
  2. What place is the best for the office, should you own a space or rent?
  3. How and where to register the company?
  4. What documents should you prepare?
  5. Are there any hidden fees or things you should pay attention to?
  6. What do you need to open the bank account as a foreigner?

And more!

If you want to order your detailed, step-by-step guide to opening a company in Morocco

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  • […] So how to get employed if you come here on a tourist visa? Unfortunately not many Moroccan companies are willing to help employees to get a work permit(bigger ones do though!). It is a long (looong…) process, lots of stress, stamps, signatures, time, and money! If you want to get a contract, it is better to find a niche work (to prove that there is no Moroccan who can do this job, ie. you speak Bulgarian, Chinese or whatever, anything to prove your qualifications are impossible to find in Morocco). Alternatively, and that’s what many foreigners do, is to open your own company so you can work with whoever you want to. How to open your own entreprise? I wrote about it here. […]

  • Thank you for spending the time to write your blog!
    I am in the process of applying for residency here in Morocco. I have a company established and ready to go, but I am unsure if that is enough. On the requirements given by the visa office that lists what I need to apply for my residency, it says that I need a contrat de bail. However, I don’t have a contrat de bail. I have a contract for my domiciliation from the local office space lease company called Regus. Is this the same thing? Does either one work?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hello Eric, for the first application domiciliation will be enough but the next ones won’t work like this. Next year you will need to have an office because they check it and pay visits.

  • Hi there I want to open a call centre in Morocco I have the experience and the capital I need more information and would be grateful if I could get some help. Regards

  • Much obliged to you for investing the energy to compose your website!

    I am applying for residency here in Morocco. I have an organization set up and prepared to go, however I am uncertain if that is sufficient.

  • This site is so helpful thank you for the blog. I am trying to open a Subway, so will I need to fill out the Certificat negatif with Subway name?

  • Thank you for informative article. I saw that there are different business entities in Morocco. It seems to me to register a SARL is the easiest? Is it the same as the process above?

  • I am wondering do you need a certain amount of money in your account and to prove it . to start ? or can you start something with out having like lets say 10,000 dollars in your account?

    • When I opened it, the minimum capital was 1000 EUR :) I think 10.000 USD is moooore than enough:)

      • Do you have an estimate of the totalt price for letting a lawyer/legal company set up the company for you?

        Is it possible to set up the company without visiting Morocco i.e can the lawyer do everything for you?

  • Hey Bewildered !!!

    Its good to read such article.I really appreciate it.The content that you have share to start up business is good.The points you have mentioned are very beneficial.To start up any business you have go through these points that you have mentioned in it.

    so keep posting such article.
    Have a great day.

  • Hey Bewildered !!!

    Its good to read such article.I really appreciate it.The content that you have share to start up business is good.The points you have mentioned are very beneficial.To start up any business you have go through these points that you have mentioned in it.

    so keep posting such article.
    Thanks for the artcile
    Have a great day.

  • Hi, great blog.
    i am in Marrakech now, starting this process. I speak french and English and i wanted to know is it better to perform this task myself or hire someone? also, what is the purpose of the report negative, just for the name of the company?

    • As I wrote, you won’t be able to do it 100% by yourself… even if you speak French! It is way better to hire someone, contact me if you need a pro accountant, I will put you in contact. He has done it many times for foreigners. Cert Neg is just for the name yes but it is obligatory you can’t proceed without

  • Hi Bewildered, Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. My name is Yagyah and I am getting married to a Moroccan lady and would like to start a Fish business in Marrakech(possibly). I was there in Dec`15 and Mar`16 and I wasted such a lot of time and monies. Please advise as to how I should go about this and the possible capital injection?
    Once again, I thank you for valuable input (GREAT STUFF BRO !!!!)

  • Thanks for a blog
    Hi this is Tahir from Bahrain I am Indian passport holder,
    Currently I am running my own company in Bahrain the same computers electronic trading company want to open Marcco,
    Can you help me send me fair consultant details so I can contact him,
    Thanks with regards

  • i am moroccan and i want make company here your blog is really helpful more than even some office ~~
    am wondering ifi need hire a lowyer ? and also if i need write my adress because usually i live in korea

    • Salam Assia, everything is doable! I am glad it helped, contact me by email for details

  • Hi bewildered
    thanks for helping the people to come through for opening a business in morocco ,just if you can help me as well as I would like to set up a recruiting company in morocco ,could you share a contact details of one of lawyers which you know or you deal with

  • Hi there,

    Really useful blog, thanks so much for sharing!

    With regards to address of the business, could this just be a rented appartment?

  • It was very important to all citizen of Morocco people who are very interested to open new business. I am sure that it would be good to people for analyzing what should they want to open as their business. They can decide now by your guide line.

  • Good information for me because, I am thinking to open new company in morocco with my friends. But we don’t know everything how to open company. Now, we have known that what essential things we need to ready for that. thanks for good post..

  • Hello!
    I’d be interested to open a small business in Morocco. I was wondering about the amount needed to register it. Thanks in advance!

  • Hello,
    I just came to Maroc for a quick visit (as turist)
    But I really like this country and its wonderful people.
    Planning to come back soon, but I would like to know about many things, and one of them is how much rent (if I rent an office or shop) is paid in advance, is there any deposit needed? Do I need someone local to garant me? Thank you in advance. And wish you good business.
    Hey! I just had this idea, Lets all connect guys! Lets be part of a business network (we already are “bewildered” anyhow)

  • Salaam ! Jamila,

    I am from Cape Town South Africa and I am contemplating to establish an import and export company in Tangier.

    Kindly provide me with the details of the ” trustworthy english speaking accountant” who can further assist me with this tedious task,


  • Hello dear, i want to open a company in morocco, and i know that before registering a company, there is some fees as a foreigner. Please can you advise me how much can i come along with, to get the company register??? Can you guild me and assist me to get all done.

    • Hi Shajahan,

      Kindly explain what type of IT company you are.
      I’am a Dutch national based in Tangier and might be able to partner with you.

  • Hi,
    In Sha Allah, I would like to open a business in Morocco. How can I get in contact with you and your accountant? Thank you!

  • Very helpful article indeed!
    Also, glad to see that many of you intend to invest! As a relationship manager based in Casablanca for the leading bank in Morocco, I can assist you from opening a corporate account and handling the day-to-day operations, to fulfilling your company’s financing needs.
    Contact me at w.elmejjad[at]attijariwafa[.]com so we can discuss how we can help your business.
    (Language is not a problem)

    • Hi Mohamed, if you still need someone to guide you to open up a company in morocco, contact me elhatifi{at}gmail{.}com

  • does the share capital can used as euros?
    if the original investement is made as euros by foreigners

  • Yes you can, In the status it’s written in dirhams and also in the accountancy, once the euros are in your account they will be automatically converted in dirhams by the accountant based on the exchange rate.

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