September 17


5 Amazing Moroccan Proverbs That Will Make You Wiser

By Bewildered in Morocco

September 17, 2015

A Fascination with Moroccan Proverbs

My fascination with proverbs extends to those of different languages, especially the culturally rich Moroccan proverbs. Each saying reflects the unique societal fabric of Morocco, offering insights and wisdom. Here are some of my subjective favorites, complete with literal meanings and deeper interpretations.

Moroccan Proverb: The Value of Friendship

  • Proverb: "Ila kan Sahbak 3sal La Tla3koush Kolo."
  • Literal Meaning: If you have a friend like honey, don’t eat him all at once.
  • Interpretation: This Moroccan proverb teaches the importance of not abusing a friend's kindness. Cherish and respect those who are there for you, and avoid taking advantage of their generosity.

Moroccan Proverb: Blame and Innocence

  • Proverb: "Taht Sam3a 3al9o El Hajam."
  • Literal Meaning: If the minaret falls, blame the barber.
  • Interpretation: It's a reflection on how often innocent people are blamed for things they haven't done, a scenario familiar in every culture, depicted vividly in this Moroccan saying.

Moroccan Proverb: Wisdom and Understanding

  • Proverb: "El fahem yafham."
  • Literal Meaning: The smart understood.
  • Interpretation: This proverb is about leaving things unsaid, trusting in the wisdom of others to understand the unspoken. It's a call to intuitive understanding, a common theme in Moroccan proverbs.

Moroccan Proverb: Perseverance and Patience

  • Proverb: "Sayad En3amaYal9aha Yal9aha."
  • Literal Meaning: The hunter of the ostrich will find it.
  • Interpretation: Emphasizing patience and perseverance, this proverb reassures that with persistence, you will achieve your goals, a universally resonant message.

Moroccan Proverb: True Nature Beyond Appearances

  • Proverb: "Al Mousawa9 Men Bara Ash Kh Barak Men L Dakhel."
  • Literal Meaning: Beautiful outside but what’s wrong inside?
  • Interpretation: This Moroccan proverb warns against two-faced individuals, reminding us that appearances can be deceiving, and true intentions matter more than outward looks.

Books in Dar Khalifa

Inspired by Moroccan Tales

These proverbs, inspired by the tales of Mehdi el Ghaly from Hikayat Morocco, provide a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture and wisdom.

Embracing Moroccan Wisdom

Moroccan proverbs are more than just sayings; they are a reflection of the culture's depth, wisdom, and values. They offer timeless insights and lessons relevant across cultures and generations.

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