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What Are The Typical Moroccan Dishes? – Guide To Moroccan Food

By Bewildered in Morocco

October 22, 2015


Tajine Galia tagine egg sahara pot meal dish cook recipe

Tajine. First word that foreigners grasp in Morocco. Ok, but what actually this tajine is?? There are as many tajines as regions in Morocco. Beef with dried plums, lamb with apricot, chicken with lemon, chicken with vegetables, minced beef and egg, eggs with tomatoes… And more!

Cuisine of Morocco is highly diversified. Moroccan coast line is nearly 3000 km long. Why am I telling you this? Because every few hundred kilometres the food changes. There are certain things you should NOT eat in certain regions. There are certain things that you can eat only in the region and you should taste them once there. Let me take you for a culinary journey across the country and discover the typical Moroccan food.


Bissara is a very popular soup in Morocco. It’s made of green peas or broad bean with a good amount of olive oil. Typically eaten with bread. You can find it in all Morocco, but it is people from Tanger who appreciate it the most.


Moulay Driss helwa was favorite sweet of Moulay Driss and took the name after him. What is this mysterious treat? Nougat. In Fes you will find many different kinds of it!

Casablanca, Rabat

Harira – this soup is very stuffing thanks to chickpea, lentils, pasta, meat, and tomatoes. Delicious, creamy treat! In the south of Morocco it is made with blended white veggies. The tomato harira is popular in almost entire country, typically served in the evening.

harira log
White harira from the south

Avocado juice with dried fruits – what else should I say? Smooth and milky drink. Some people drink it for breakfast because it gives a lot of energy! I have never seen in anywhere in the south, I assume it may be a specialty of the northern and central part of Morocco.

Once in the popular areas of Casa and other cities, you should taste snails. They are cooked with a blend of herbs. You will be served a bowl of snails and a bowl of potion that snails are cooked in. Spicy, salty, and good for stomach.

Essaouira and coastal cities

Mkila – is a name of this round, metal dish. In Morocco, when you ask for a mkila you will be served eggs in tomato sauce with shrimps. Something for seafood lovers. You can find it in Casa; Rabat and all coastal cities in Morocco.


Prickly pear – the famous hindiya or karmous (depending on the dialect). Its season is quite short; from August to October. You can buy it anywhere in Morocco, but if you want it for free, go to the south.


Sahara and High Atlas

Omlette galia – specialty of Amazigh people in the south. Eggs with olives, coriander, and tomatoes served in tajine.

tajine (8)

Figs and peaches – If you go to High Atlas mountains you will enjoy fresh fruits. Just a little walk in the villages and you can pick fruits from the trees.


Khoudenjal – A blend of fine herbs that is added to tea. It is extremely healthy and aromatic. I personally find it a bit too spicy and prefer it much more in cookies! You can taste it in Marrakech on Jamaa el Fnaa. It’s the specialty of this city.

I am sure you have heard of the famous Marrakshi meal: tangia. It is slow-cooked beef, it is typically prepared in a clay pot and left overnight to gt ready. Something for meat lovers.

Oranges from Marrakesh are the sweetest! Once you are in Marrakesh you have to drink a fresh, orange juice or eat fresh oranges!

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Amlou aka Moroccan Nutella. It is a creamy, delicious spread made from argan oil, crashed almonds and honey. Very healhy and very tasty! You can buy it everywhere in Morocco but the best one comes from Agadir. It is auite expensive because all three ingredients are costly. You have to beware of fake amlou, some sellers make it with olive oil and peanuts to reduce the expenses, but the taste no longer remains the same…


Anywhere in Morocco

Olives! Morocco is their motherland and here you can find all kinds of olives. With lemon, cut, spiced, fresh, with herbs…


Moroccan pancakes and bread: harsha, msmen, batbout and baghrir. Harsha is a thick, semoline pancake. Msmen is a square, layared pancake. Batbout is a soft, round bread and baghrir is a round pancake with holes all over.

msmen batbout (3)
Batbout in the making! By me :)


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