March 9


Give your house Moroccan touch – bunch of inspirations

By Bewildered in Morocco

March 9, 2019

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Patio at my Swedish friends’ place, Oasis of Tighmert, Sahara

So you wish to give your interior a Moroccan touch? I know some ways to do so!

Anette, a Swedish friend of mine who lives in Morocco is an amazing interior designer. Together with her husband, Peter, they created and decorated many old houses in Morocco. Anette also helps people who don’t live in Morocco to create a beautiful space that will remind them of Maghreb. Check out her website to discover more: Just Morocco.

Below you can see a cozy patio of her house in Sahara that she’s built from the scratch with Peter. How do you find this place? I’m in love!

Gentle Moroccan tunes

I know that what many people need while working is holy peace. But… I don’t think that some Moroccan music in the background will bother you that much!

Here are some of my favourite Moroccan artists to listen to:

Hind Hakki, a Dutch-Moroccan artist who blends hip-hop, reggae and Moroccan folk. Great kick of energy for further work.

Meryem Aboulouafa, very gentle Moroccan voice, perfect if you need to slow down an relax. Meryem sings in many languages and styles – just go and check her out!

The scent

What is the smell that reminds you of Morocco? For me it is orange blossom water, a sweet almond shower gel that I was passionately using during the first months in Casablanca, cumin, and cedar wood that I smelled each time I entered Dar Khalifa.

Whenever I smell one of them, I recall my memories of the sweet moments I spent in different places in Morocco. I am sure you have such memories as well.

My Amazon picks to let you enjoy the scent of Morocco at home: NEST Candle-Orange Blossom and Casablanca Home Ambiance Diffuser

Juice Seller in Oudayas
Juice Seller in Oudayas, Rabat

Go further, paint the walls!

I am a fan of colorful walls! I hate boring, plain colours. How about you?

Morocco is a country of colours and patterns. Everywhere you go you can easily see different influences: Spanish, French, sub-Saharian and Arabic. All these blended together create a beautiful mosaic of Morocco that we know now.

A friend of mine, Mouad Aboulhana, recently shared on Facebook his newest work. I totally love it. What do you think?

Mouad’s last work

Another inspiration, modern caligraphy by Said Sabbah:

If you don’t have a friend who could paint a Moroccan design on your walls, or hiring one from Morocco is not affordable for you, here is an inspiration for you Crafters Workshop Template!

Moroccan crafts straight from artisanals

Recently during TEDx conference in El Jadida I met Maria. She was a speaker as well and I was truly amazed by her ideas and mission: to push Moroccan crafstmen to respect their work and talent. I totally agree with her point of view, so I understood what she wanted to say. Maria is the founder of Artinoo, a platform where you can buy Moroccan crafts and get them shipped worldwide.

Maria and her team choose the best of Moroccan crafts and show them to the world. Check them out!

  • It is a great idea. lots of people specially the ones who visit Morocco fell in love with Moroccan culture and it is nice if you can decorate your house with a Moroccan touch.

  • Love the article . It s the trend now . Everyone wants a Moroccan touch in his house . From haute couture to interior design ,Morocco is an inspiring destination full of stunning architecture.

  • The first thing I require to choose is the background colour of the living area. This is the one big distinction between including Moroccan elements in a modern-day interior and opting for a devoted Moroccan theme. Thank you.

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