October 17


What To See In Rabat?

By Bewildered in Morocco

October 17, 2017

When people ask me what to see in Rabat, I am having a hard time answering. I don’t spend much time in this city, even though I have many good friends there.

Even though I am not a Rbati insider, I managed to come up with this list of my favorite spots in the capital of Morocco!

This is my subjective list, and you are welcome to add your suggestions in the comment section below the article!

Kasbah des Oudayas

Is definitely one of my favorite spots in Rabat! The kasbah is some kind of a city inside a city, ne of the most frequently visited places by tourists, expats and Moroccans.

I usually try to avoid touristy spots, but this place is truly amazing and definitely worth visiting. You should reserve at least a couple of hours (or, better, an entire day) to explore the place properly. Its numerous alleys are so inviting, that, if you like to walk, you will spend hours wandering in the kasbah!

It was built in the 12th century during the reign of Almohad Caliphate, and is now on the honorable UNESCO list.

Painted door at Oudayas' Painted door at Oudayas' Orange juice seller asbah
Painted door at Oudayas’

Painted door at Oudayas' Orange juice seller asbah
Orange juice seller
Painted door at Oudayas' Orange juice seller asbah
Life in the narrow streets of the kasbah

Café des Oudayas

A very beautiful, old café with a great vibe. It offers amazing views as it is located on a hill, it is decorated in vibrant mosaic.

Painted door at Oudayas' Orange juice seller asbah

Hassan Tower

Like many buildings in Rabat, its history reaches the 12th century.

Beautiful scenery for phographers (specially during sunset!)

A bit of historical and cultural insight for people interested in history and culture.

Hassan Tower square

hassan tower rabat sunset

Marina in Salé

Marina in Salé is a great example of how to arrange unused space by the river. It’s a great spot for gatherings with friends and family, or for romantic evening walks. There are many lively cafés to sit, the air is fresh. Don’t forget to drink sugar cane juice, freshly squeezed especially for you!

marina oudayas rabat sale

(This pic was taken in Casablanca, I don’t have one from Rabat, but the juice is basically the same!)


Apart from the above, you should also see the medina. If you have not seen the medina in other Moroccan cities before, it should definitely be on the list. If you have visited, and are overwhelmed with the crowds (like the medina in Fez or Marrakech) I truly encourage you to see the one in Rabat.

It is probably my favorite place for shopping, not that noisy and annoying like the medinas in other (more touristy) cities in the Kingdom.

When my Polish friends visit me, they beg me not to go to the medina as they don’t like to squeeze in the tiny streets of the old town, but it is a personal choice. I personally love medinas! And you?

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