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Original Gift Ideas For People Who Love Morocco

By Bewildered in Morocco

February 5, 2017

Books & Arabic Courses Online

Darija (the Moroccan dialect) is not the most spoken language in the world so it’s not that easy too find books or schools teaching it – especially if you don’t live in Morocco. Luckily, Amazon is full of such books and you can get them here!

You can also buy a grammar course that I have written about here. Whatever you choose, I am sure your beloved ones will love and appreciate your gift!

Marrakech Board Game

If your friend is a game geek, this game will be the perfect choice!

“In Marrakech each player takes the role of a salesperson who tries to outwit the others. In turn each player rolls the dice and then moves Assam, the market organizer. If Assam stops on an opponent’s rug, the player must make a payment to its owner before putting one of their own rugs on an adjacent space. When the last rug has been laid, the total number of visible rugs and the number owned by each salesperson are added up.”

You can buy the game on Amazon (click here).

Photo source: Amazon

Personalized Leather Duffles

I don’t count how many times my friends asked me to bring them a leather bag or wallet from Morocco. Morocco is famous for its beautiful, leather duffles decorated with kilims or beads. You can find unique pieces in the workshops of artists in the medina in big cities like Marrakech, Fes or Tetouan, but sometimes it is such a pain to bring them in your registered baggage back home. Luckily you can order them online too. I am sure your friends would be happy to receive a personalized leather bag with their initials, wouldn’t they? That’s what MAHI brand does – they make a unique duffle with embroided letters upon request. What’s more, if you buy a duffle you will support a charity – every $1.5 from each bag sold is donated to clean water causes, awesome isn’t it?

Carrying MAHI personalized leather duffle in Serbia

Bake Morocco-Themed Cookies

What I love about handmade gifts is the fact that they don’t cost much and are always the best choice! They don’t need to be very beautiful, they need to be made with love! You can bake cupcakes and decorate them in Moroccan style.

I haven’t baked Fatma’s hand cookies yet but I find them extremely cute. You can find cookie cutters in local bakery stores in all Morocco and online!

hamsa khmisa khmissa fama cookie cupcake cake mold shape
Photo credit: handoffatima.nl


cupcake morocco fatima fatma cookie hand hamsa khmissa africa themed african shape contour
I made them for my best friend, long before moving to Morocco

Accessories With Hamsa

In Morocco they are quite cheap, but if you don’t have a chance to buy them here, you can always do it online here.

They are number one gifts when I go to Poland – girls love them! Even the ones that are not interested in Morocco. These pouches are very practical and cute.

fatima fatma hand khmisa khmissa hamsa
My private collection :)

Handmade Accessories

I don’t know how about you, but I love making gifts! I prefer crafting to buying. I made these keyrings for my Moroccan friends. I used polymer clay and cookie cutters that to make them.

Here is my Facebook page where I share stuff I make: Handmade With Love.


My wooden Africa earrings


I personally find Moroccan clothes unique, stylish and comfortable and love to wear them. There are hundreds of things to choose from: slippers, tuniques, djellabas, caftans, shopping baskets and more. Amazon is full of them!

Tunique with khmissa
Tunique with khamissa

Trip or Adventure

I personally love receiving… adventures! I am sure many of you love them too! There are many things you can offer. It can be a ticket to Morocco, a night in a riad or a Sahara trip. Possibilites are endless!

You can also opt for a cooking class in Marrakech or an unforgettable shopping experience. Click here to book it.

Book your Sahara excursion here.

This article includes affiliate links to the partners I’ve chosen carefully and whose products I can truly recommend! :) it means that if you buy something through their link, I’ll get a small commission:)

Do you have any other gift ideas? Share in comments below!



  • I love this post! I’d love to go to Morroco at some point, so much great food and amazing culture <3 Also the board game is brilliant! I would definitely purchase that for me tho ?

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