December 2


5 Things You Should Never Do In Casablanca

By Bewildered in Morocco

December 2, 2015

Casablanca. Such a romantic place to be according to many. Many who have never been there. Casablanca is a bewildering jungle. Here are some known, yet not written anywhere rules. Every real Casaoui should know them :)

If you are a tourist you can still take advantage of my insider’s guide and know what to avoid in Casablanca.

Once in Casablanca you should:

… Never expect paperwork to be properly done and on time. The inchallah syndrome invaded all public offices and institutions in the city. More about opening a company and applying for a residency permit here. Take your time, be patient and prepared for everything.
… Avoid paying the parking guy. They will  curse and chase you. Unless you speed up.

… Never go out during derby Wydad-Raja. A very useful tip: park your car in a garage. Apply the rule and thank me later :P

… Never try to take someone’s taxi. If you see a person struggling to catch a taxi for 20min and without success, stand in front of them and try to catch their taxi. See their reaction. By the way, taking a taxi by someone who is new in the city is a challenge itself. Read more here.

… Never expect people to respect the queue. Annoying habit, yet widely cultivated. Very often a meaningful look is enough but some individuals still prentend not to see anything wrong about it ;)

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