December 2


Bissara Recipe – Moroccan Fava Beans Soup / Dip

By Bewildered in Morocco

December 2, 2015


Bissara is a Moroccan soup, usually eaten in winter and during cold evenings. It’s very healthy, easy, and stuffing. You can make it more creamy by not adding any water after cooking or more liquid by adding more water. If you like beans, that’s a meal for you. This recipe serves around 5-6 big portions.

It is perfect for vegans and it’s diary-free!


1 kilo of fava beans (I used fresh ones, but it is much better with dried ones)

A cup of olive oil (around 200-250 ml)

2 tbsp of powder cumin

1 tbsp of powder paprika (sweet or spicy, as you like)

3 cloves of garlic

Salt (according to your needs)

Water (so the beans will be properly covered)


  1. Cook the beans in water with salt until they are soft
  2. Add oil, cumin, paprika and blend (I don’t put too much water, I let it evaporate and, if needed, I add more while blending)
  3. It’s ready! Serve with bread and sprinkle with paprika! You can also add more olive oil if you like.

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