November 11


What You Should Know About Moroccan Weddings

By Bewildered in Morocco

November 11, 2014

Moroccan weddings are so different than Polish ones (Or I should say African/ Arabic weddings are different than European ones) If you’re invited to a Moroccan wedding you should some some things not to feel awkward during it:)

I wrote a bigger article with more photos and details about the wedding. Check it here.

NO ALCOHOL is (officially) served during the traditional ceremony. In modern wedding they serve champagne and other drinks. In traditional ones some young people try to hide the fact they drink;) in Poland there is more or less a bottle of vodka per couple. Vodka is one of the main things in the wedding:P

TRADITIONAL CLOTHES are worn by everyone: guests, family and the married couple. Caftans, takshitas, gandouras… Splendid, richly decorated long dresses!

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Caftan by Moroccan Look


EVERYBODY IS INVITED– you may invite your friends to come with you. Whole families join the ceremony, sometimes they invite other friends at the very last moment- don’t be surprised if you receive last minute invitation;) I was invited one day before:D if you are going with a whole family you are not obliged to have a gift by yourself. In Poland you can bring only the person that was invited along with you. And need to confirm your presence a month before.

FASHION SHOW not a wedding, I would say. The couple changes their clothes several times during the night. They wear traditional costumes from different regions of Morocco. Every single bride I saw looked like a doll, a beautiful one. There is no prettier woman in the ceremony than the bride!

NO PARTY FOR THE COUPLE. Why? They need to look beautiful and untouched. They are in the ceremony to look well not to dance;) guests have fun, eat and enjoy while the married couple changes clothes to show how beautiful they are:) in Poland the couple is having fun throughout the night with their guests. They sweat and bride’s make-up is gone before midnight :D

PARENTS WELCOME GUESTS with dates and milk. They greet guests and pick up the gifts. The couple is “shown” to public first time after few hours- don’t be surprised that you won’t be greeted by them (like in Poland).

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