September 16


Vegan & Vegetarian Foods in Morocco (Where to Eat + Recipes)

By Bewildered in Morocco

September 16, 2017


Moroccan food is one of my favorite cuisines in the world (right next to Middle Eastern food!)

I love cooking Moroccan soups, tagines and other dishes. Thanks to the variety of fresh vegetables that are available in the country, you can eat healthy food all year long. Both, meat lover and vegetarians will find something delicious here.

What inspired me to write this article was my vegan friend who came to visit me in Morocco last year. She was joking that she will eat bread and olives for a week, but actually she was positively surprised to experience the variety of foods that she could try!

I will share with you my top vegan and vegetarian friendly Moroccan foods! The list is surely longer, but I am listing just the ones that I personally picked as best.

Juices & smoothies

Juices and smoothies are often consumed in Morocco, what’s more, they are not super pricey and you can choose the base of your drink: milk or orange juice. My personal favorite is avocado smoothie with dried fruit. You can read more about Moroccan drinks in this article.

Painted door at Oudayas' Orange juice seller asbah
Orange juice seller


The most common dinner treat in Morocco. Delicious harira soup. There are two variations, the most  popular is red soup made with tmates, chickpea and lentils. The white soup (see photo below) is a common version in the south of Morocco, for instance in the Dades Valley.

Some people add meat or cook harira in the broth. You should ask the waiter prior to ordering how the harira was prepared.

If you are in Marrakech and want to eat genuinely vegan harira, go to Ayaso. It’s a great concept store run by my Polish friend, whose name is also Monika :)

Lentils (3eids) and broad beans (loubia)

Great source of proteins for vegans and vegetarians! These are super healthy, quick and nutritious dishes that you will find in majority of Moroccan bars and restaurants all over the country. Packed with fresh veggies and olive oil.


It’s a delicious crisscross of a dip and soup. Fava beans bissara. One of my number one foods in Morocco! Thick, warm and yummy. Here you can find my simple recipe for this quick treat.

Have a look at my personal Amazon picks for vegetarians. If you buy through my affiliate link, Amazon will reward me with a few percentage commission:


Useful Tips That Nobody Will Tell You About!

  • If you’re in Marrakech, you should definitely try Marrakech Food Tours by Amanda. She’s a blogger too, and an American friend of mine. Together with her husband she organizes the most authentic food tours in the city. If you ask her, I am sure that she will give you a vegan tour too!
  • Nargisse, a Moroccan blogger based in London, shares her recipes on her My Moroccan Food blog. Here’s the vegetarian section that you may find useful.
  • If you wonder where to eat good food in Casablanca and other cities, read my previous foodie articles.
  • A bit off-topic and self-promo now, you gotta excuse me;)! If you want to discover the food from the part of Europe where I come from, chekc out my Bewildered Slavica blog!

    Surfer’s breakfast at Amayour Surf in Taghazout

What is your favorite Moroccan dish?

  • At health food stores, customers are complaining about food allergies more often now with statements like, “I can’t eat this”, or “I can’t eat that.” Why do so many people, especially those who frequent health food stores, believe they have food allergies? It’s funny, I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m allergic to coffee, cookies, cakes, popcorn, pizza or candy”, and yet these are things that people ingest regularly without a second thought.

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