September 23


What Are The Traditional Moroccan Drinks?

By Bewildered in Morocco

September 23, 2014

There are certain drinks that you have to taste once in Morocco! Everybody can find something for themselves: from variations of milk to minty or fruity drinks. Check out my guide and don’t miss any of them! I wasn’t aware of such a big choice of Moroccan drinks , it took me few months to discover them all so now I am making it easier and quicker for you;)

from left: mango-strawberry, panache, exotic, strawberry

Before we move to Moroccan potions, you need to know that in Morocco sharing is caring:) don’t be surprised if you are 5 people in a room and there are 2 glasses for water. Also, don’t be surprised when someone drinks from your glass. It is normal;) In some local bars there is a tap/ big bottle and next to it there is one mug- everyone can drink from it :)

Avocado juice

That’s a must when you’re in Morocco! I can say that it is one of the best and most unique things in Moroccan cuisine! It’s smooth, thick and sweet. The addition of “fruits secs” (dates and almonds and some fruity pastry) makes it crunchy and just awesome! Beware, it is stuffing. I treat it as a meal not as a drink;)

 Khoudenjal tea

Khoudenjal is a mix of sweet spices (ginger, cinnamon and much more) that is added to coffee and sweets. It is also a name of a drink (tea-like). It is a very strong, spicy and healthy mixture. It is sold near mosques in popular ares. You can find it also on Jamaa el Fnaa in Marrakesh- that’s where I took those photos:

khoudenjal tea and sweets. If you like chocolate truffles you will love those!

 Panache fruit secs

A thick smoothie made of fruit leftovers. It is always different- depending on what’s left;) you can ask for a juice based on orange or milk. If you don’t like very sweet drinks ask for “bla skar” which means “without sugar”. Fruits secs are sweet enough!


A sugary, thick drink made of fermented milk. Tastes best with harcha with honey or harcha with jben. You may find them in different combinations: with orange flower aroma or with pieces of almonds. There is also a natural raib-no sugar or salt added. It doesn’t look appetizing but it is very refreshing. If you like dairy products, you’ll love this one!

Raib beldi- naturally fermented milk. No sugar, no salt added.


That’s my favorite breakfast treat. Thick and creamy variation of milk. It is like Polish kefir or Turkish ayran– but not that salty. Tastes perfect with couscous! It is a bit similar to raib beldi.

Mint tea

Mint tea or “Moroccan whisky” – a delicious mix of tea, mint and tons of sugar! So refreshing! Tastes awesome with every dish, especially with morning msmen or tajine kofta.

Grey wine

Honestly, I never knew that grey wines ever exist! They do and they are produced in Meknes. Can’t say too much as I’m not a fan of alcohol but if you like wines you should definitely look for it! Note that it is hard to buy alcohol after 8 pm so look for it in the afternoon.

Sugar cane juice

Available mostly in medinas and popular districts. Squeezed freshly from a cane. So sweet, natural and what’s best- no sugar added;) a glass costs 5 dhs. Very refreshing!

Pomegranate juice

freshly squeezed by skilled street vendors, offers a refreshing and unique taste. This delightful treat is a seasonal specialty, available exclusively from November to January, capturing the essence of ripe, juicy pomegranates at their peak. Don't miss the chance to savor this vibrant and healthful drink during these months!"

Fresh pomegranate juice

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