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“Amal” Women’s Training Center And Moroccan Restaurant In Marrakech

By Bewildered in Morocco

June 1, 2016

"Amal" Women's Training Center And Moroccan Restaurant

Amal in Arabic means “hope”

Hope for a better life and independency.

Amal was founded by Nora Fitzgerald, an American born in Morocco, to help the women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and had no chance to attend school and become independent.

Thanks to the various trainings at Amal, they get to polish their social and cooking skills. The women are taught reading, writing, communication, cooking, serving and much more.

Ladies who join Amal strive for personal development and acquiring new skills. After a proper, 4-month training they are ready to get employed!

"Amal" Women's Training Center And Moroccan Restaurant
Chbakia in the making
"Amal" Women's Training Center And Moroccan Restaurant
Chbakia in the making
"Amal" Women's Training Center And Moroccan Restaurant
Chbakia in the making
Amal Restaurant
Amal Restaurant
Amal Restaurant
Beautifully decorated menus at Amal restaurant

Restaurant like no other

The food is beautifully served by very kind waitresses who put a lot of effort and heart into their job.

Amal is a restaurant like no other, the spirit of unity floats in the air, I tell you!

The staff put so much passion into what they do, I can’t find the words to describe how much I loved the place, the people and the atmosphere.

When you go there, you feel like it’s a casual dinner with a group of friends. It’s not a chic, stiff restaurant with an imposed dress code or so. The place feels like home. It’s very proper, nicely decorated and clean.

The menu will suit everybody. There are options for meat lovers, vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free clients!

I ordered a goat cheese salad and a vegetarian tagine and captured them in photos to share with you:

Goat Cheese Salad at Amal Restaurant
Goat Cheese Salad, if you like sweet-salty mixes that’s an option for you!

Vegetarian Tagine at Amal Restaurant
Vegetarian Tagine at Amal Restaurant – vegans and vegetarians are welcome!

How can I help Amal?

There are a couple of ways to support this beautiful initiative and the girls.

First, you can go to the restaurant for a dinner with friends!

Second, you can donate some money through this link.

Third, you can volunteer and train the girls in something you are good at! More details on their website.

Fourth, you can buy something from their wish list.


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  • I had a delicious, very filling lunch at Amal a couple of years ago. The waitresses were very friendly. The food was slightly westernised Moroccan food with quite a good variety on the menu. I would definitely recommend it!

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