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Marrakech Food Tour With Amanda From MarocMama Blog

By Bewildered in Morocco

June 1, 2016

Tangia is a MUST in Marrakech!

Avoiding tourist scams in cities like Marrakech is pretty hard for a newbie and requires lots of skills even from the most savvy travelers. I am based in Casablanca, I know it inside out, and even though I’ve been to Marrakech at least 15 times, it used to scare the sh*t out of me. I am not a fan of tourist-invaded spots, I tell you. My Marrakchi experience has been quite touristy so far, Jamaa el Fnaa and the medina. Once or twice I spent some time with my friends outside Marrakech, and that was a lovely time.

eating Mechoui

Moroccan Donuts aka Shfynsh

I once wondered, would that be possible to feel like a local but not go too far from medina and the main square? Well, the answer is YES!

Thanks to Amanda from MarocMama and her husband, Youssef, I had a purely insider’s tour within the medina of Marrakech!

I had a spontaneous trip to Marrakech and Amanda invited me to join her Food Tour group of Australians and Brits.

Sardine sandwich
Sardine sandwich
Home made couscous in the making
Home made couscous in the making

How to book it, how long is the tour, how much does it cost?

The tour is approx. 3 hours and Youssef will tell you the stories behind all the dishes, you will see the preparation and see the places from the kitchen.

Apart from tasting, you’ll also visit many interesting, traditional places. The tour is very surprising and the fun part about it is that you never know what’s next. It was fun even for me, even though I know Moroccan food very well.

I won’t give you the schedule and the details of the tour, I’ll let you discover it yourself! All I can tell you is that it will be worth!

The tour’s atmosphere is far from being stiff. It felt like… A dinner (or a couple of dinners) with close friends. The total cost of the tour is $65 per person. Each group is maximum 6 people. Don’t worry if you’re alone, Amanda will squeeze you in to another group! It’s a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

I genuinely enjoyed it and I hope to attend Amanda’s and Youssef’s tour one day again!

Moroccan olives marrakech food tour amanda marocmama
Olives and preserved veggies
Olives and preserved veggies

All photos have been taken during the Marrakech Food Tour with Youssef and Amanda.

Book a food tour through this link.


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