February 9


The life changing day in Taroudant

By Bewildered in Morocco

February 9, 2018

If you are a loyal Reader of Bewildered in Morocco or Bewildered Slavica, I am sure you noticed that I love sharing the stories of the most inspiring people I meet in my life. Thanks to my blogs I am lucky enough to have the chance to visit amazing places and get to know wonderful people.

Ollivier seemed to be a very kind person since I exchanged the very first email with him. Sometimes you just feel it, right?


When you first go to Dar al Hossoun, it seems like a well-organized business idea. When Ollivier and his partners bought the land, there was nothing but clay. They came up with an amazing idea of an in-ground garden. The houses at Dar al Hossoun have been built with the clay extracted from their own land. The hole has been turned into a magical garden showcasing hundreds of plants from all over the world and being home to many species of birds and cats.

My bestie, who visited this wonderful place with me, noticed from the very beginning that it is a place with soul and mission. Later on, when we had the chance to talk with the owner a little bit longer, he admitted that this place was created to change the lives of people. The mission of Dar al Hossoun is to make everybody feel like they are family, and improve the living conditions of the people from the region whose lives have been very challenging.

My bestie was just right!

The life changing day

Almost all of employees at Dar al Hossoun are people whose lives were really tough.

The gardener in the organic garden of Dar al Hossoun was a builder. He has never had a contract or insurance. He would just wait on the main square of the city and wait for someone to come and offer him work.

One day he had an accident during his work that made him unable to continue.

His oldest son, Mohamed, was 12 at that time. As the oldest man in the family, he was responsible for providing his siblings and parents. The family had no money to pay for father’s surgery.

The day when Ollivier met Mohamed was the life-changing day.

The boy was offered a job, was given training, insurance and all the benefits that he has never had before. He also learned to speak foreign languages. His father’s operation was paid for and both men become employees at Dar al Hossoun :)

Gardening in progress

Dar al Hossoun is not just a place. It is a lifestyle. It is a shelter on earth, it has great ambiance and being there gives a solid kick of positive energy.

I loved every single moment spent with the team of Dar al Hossoun. It is indeed a magical place.

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The view from one of the private villas at Dar al Hossoun

Check out Dar al Houssoun’s website: http://alhossoun.com/

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