January 22


The Caliph’s House – One Year In Casablanca Book Review (Dar Khalifa) By Tahir Shah

By Bewildered in Morocco

January 22, 2014

“The Caliph’s House” is a perfect fusion of language, culture and travel. It points out the cultural differences between Morocco and the West. It is an obligatory reading for all who are planning to visit Morocco and have no clue about the country. It may also be a very gripping story for those who have already visited it and an enormously interesting book for those who live here.

I fell in love with the book from the very first page. Tahir Shah is the master of showing the country through the eyes of a Westerner. He points out the differences between the two cultures in a very gentle, sometimes funny way. Even though some of them may be quite negative, he always finds an optimistic aspect in all.

I first had read the book before I actually moved to Morocco. My interest about this mysterious country was gradually rising with each page. The author describes his life in Morocco, the obstacles that he faces every day and numerous culture shocks that endlessly appear on his way and his struggles to understand the language that he is not familiar with…

What I find the most amazing about this book is the fact that many situations that Tahir Shah writes about, actually happened to me as well. There is no fiction, the story reflects the life as it really is. Some things seemed grotesque to me before I came to Casablanca. Once I arrived here… I kept on recalling the lines from the book and saying to myself “damn it is for real!”

I don’t want to spoil your joy. My tip is: grab the book as soon as possible and read it! I promise you won’t be able to put it down especially if you are an expat living in North Africa, born traveler, culture lover or you simply appreciate well-written books.

Get your copy now!

I genuinely love Tahir Shah as a writer and person, so I can sincerely recommend you all his books (I’ve read many, have all of them signed by him!)

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